Spintax - Your PHP Article Rewriter

Spintax - Your PHP Article Rewriter

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Date: 8:50:00 PM, Saturday, September 1, 2012

  • Added auto-spin feature
  • Added upload batch of synonyms via txt file
  • All synonyms will be saved to the database
  • Fixed ”\” appended on each saved; issue
  • Basecode changed to CodeIgniter 2.1
  • Fixed some issues and improve performance

Revision: 6
  • Updated database sql and documentation.
  • Delete and update synonyms table.
  • Fix for why Spintax not saving synonyms properly.

Date: 2:17:52 AM, Thursday, December 22, 2011

What is it?

This is a web-based application that can create multiple variation of a specific article, based from a syntax in a form of {word1|word2}. This is helpful if you want to manage and rewrite your article(s) in different variation..

Spintax in it’s real meaning, is a statement which is in the form of {word1|word2}, where words that are between the { and } are synonyms, and | is the separator of each word. This is where this application mainly get it’s name.

In layman’s term, by using this application, if you have a source article with 500 words, you can add synonyms or variation of a certain word or phrase with in your article in the form of a spintax or a group of spintax. And this application will spin or create a new article variation based from the spintax you’ve created..

Main Features:

  • Upload batch dictionary of synonyms
  • Auto-spin your source article
  • Manage your articles by projects.
  • Create unlimited articles and spintax.
  • Record and grow your synonym database as you rewrite your articles.
  • Easily spin or rewrite article based from a spintax with just a click of a button.
  • Made with a light-weight Model-View-Controller framework.
  • Well commented source code.