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Really like this – perfect for what I wanted – but I cannot find the code to slow the animation down – the globe is spinning too fast for what I need, how can I slow this?

Please send me your email to cz.cesgra@yahoo.co.uk

Thanks – email quoling@yahoo.com

Hi there, just updated this item to include the globe with controllable speed (look for the Flat globe). Have a good day!

Hi, Can the 3D version support clickable regions? I want to use this as a navigation tool – basically plotting City points on the globe that, once clicked, display pop-up pages of information about the City.

Is this achievable?


Hi there, currently there’s no such feature for the 3D globe.


Before I purchase, Can I Have 2 colors for different regions/country. for instance Sweden (Green) and Middle east (Blue) at the globe?

Kindly Advise, Thanks

There might be such posibility for the Flat globes. Are you willing to pay for that customization? How much regions would you like to distinguish?

Flat globe is okay,I would like to have the Whole “Middle East” in one color and “Sweden” in different Color. The rest stay blank. Yes I’m willing to Pay if it’s fair amount.

Hi again, is 50 USD ok?

Hello, i wanted to add this to my site. but i cannot change the place it gets everytime to the header it doesn’t matter where i put the code.

Can you help me?

Hi there, please download the help files with embedded globe here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/145862/envato/help/_embedding.zip

Thank You! It worked :)

Yeah! :)

Hi. Is there any option to scale down the globe because the svg is more than 1MB and I use it in the frontpage of my site and it slows it down.

I suggest you to use gzip. The SVG size can’t be downsampled as it is vector format.

Adobe Illustrator maybe?

Unfortunately no. Also you may consider using Flat version of this globe.

Hi, anyway to export as mov, or any video type with out a background? A GIF could also work.

Hi there, please have a look at these video files: http://videohive.net/user/cesgra/portfolio (.mov without background)

Hi, I was able to convert get a mov from the svg file I purchased. Converted the svg to PSD and made it into a timeline. Took me a while, but I got it. Next time I’ll make sure to check the file type. Thank you!

Hi, good news. Have you used SVG sprite from 3D-like globe?

Hey cesgra, thanks for the nice animation. I looked at the info for slowing down the animation for the flat version but I couldn’t figure out how to slow down, or add time to the 3d version and the Edge Animate interface seems to have changed quite a bit since the instructions were made. I am using version 2014.1.1

I realize this may be more of an Edge How-To question but the videos and tutorials I have looked at don’t seem to be working for me in this project.

Any updated pointers you can give us for the 3d version?

Hi there, animation in 3d version is keyframe based. If you want to make loop longer, you have to reposition all the 90 frames manually inside the Edge. Be aware that the outcome might not be smooth animation. For example, if you will make it 2 times longer, the final FPS would be 15 frames per second.

Hi, i have a problem with my animation under Safari for Mac OS and IOS. In fact, my globe is pixilated when I increase the size of my Earth Globe, 3D or Flat it’s the same thing.

Thank you for your reply.

Hi there, can you please send me screenshot of the issue to: cz.cesgra@yahoo.co.uk I’ll have a look


Why is the globe automatically centered? Can you please tell me how to move the whole container to the left?


And is there a way to allow the globe to resize? SVG files are supposed to be re-sizable but I can’t figure out how to do that.

Thank you.

Sorry for very late reply. I do not have Adobe Animate (Edge) since they have stopped supporting it and I don’t have CC. I am unable to resize the SVG manually.

Could you please send me a re-sized one that is approximately 275px X 275px ? I am very sorry for asking this favor. My e-mail is monmak2@gmail.com

Thank you so much cesgra.

Never mind, I was able to find a trial of Edge Animate and fixed it myself. :) Great job cesgra! Thanks again.

Glad to hear that :)

Hello, I bought your beautiful animation, but since I work on Ubuntu is a problem for me to change the size of the globe, in fact I can not install Adobe Edge Animate …

Could you please put online a couple of versions of the file “globe_30fps_edge.js” to get the earth large 400px / 600px?

Many thanks in advance

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I bought this, but it doesn’t spin on my friends HTC Desire 610… Help?

Hi there. What Android version does it have? 4.4.2 (KitKat)?

I bought this, but it doesn’t spin on my friends HTC Desire 610… Help?

Hi there. What Android version does it have? 4.4.2 (KitKat)?

1. Can your spinning globe be inserted/viewed into both an HTML and WordPress based site? If, with Wordpress, be substituted for logo image assigned by WP within admin panel?

2. Is it possible to display a stationary or turning with globe, smaller image, of say a car, inside the 3D spinning globe?

3. Is it possible to add a one line text banner, with drop shadow, to outside of globe that would rotate or stay stationary, i.e., “website.com” or a short slogan?

Could the color be changed to black and red?

Yes. It can be changed in SVG code.

Does this work in Animate CC? I can’t seem to open any of the files. http://prntscr.com/fv09l0

I guess Edge Animate files will be here as long as there’s demand for them. However, you may opt for a refund. No worries.

Another point is Edge Animate doesn’t even work on Sierra OS, so completely outdated/unsupported. So there’s no way for you to convert to support Animate CC? I’d still like to use the files…if they were actually usable.

I understand you perfectly. Meanwhile no adaptation to of these files planned. Maybe sometime in the future. Not sure when.

I’ve bought this, and it’s great! I had a contractor modify some of the code, but not the globe. It works with the SVG globe: http://africusaconnect.com/globe/ but if I switch to the SVGZ globe it doesn’t work, and the direct file throws an XML error: http://africusaconnect.com/globe/images/1_globe_360fr.svgz All I did – per the documentation – was change the file suffix at line 78 in globe_30fps_edge.js Any help?
Both the SVG and SVGZ globe are unmodified. Uploaded directly from the original download. Here’s the SVG: http://africusaconnect.com/globe/ And here’s the SVGZ: http://africusaconnect.com/globe2/ The only diff is the file name at line 78 in globe_30fps_edge.js and I re-uploaded 1_globe_360fr.svgz to double check.
Try to add this to your .htaccess file: location ~ \.svgz$ { add_header Content-Encoding gzip; }

Also, you may embed uncompressed SVG files if your server supports gzip compression automatically.

Hi, I’ve bought this, it’s amazing. But I have a problem with the responsive web. How to make this SVG following the ’s width & height, in the other words, how to make it scale to fit the parent.


Hi, currently there’s no solution implemented for that purpose.

Hi, Interested in it but wanna clarify few things:

1- First of All we need to use a static version of this Globe (desired view) in Photoshop or Illustrator 2- We need to make GIF file of it for using in our website’s header and other display pictures 3- We need to place this animated Globe in our Videos

Can these requirements be achieved in any way with this item?

I suggest you to look into these files I’ve also made: - video: https://videohive.net/user/cesgra/portfolio - static: https://graphicriver.net/user/cesgra/portfolio