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Can I get unity code or only exported xcode project? Can you share live demo app?

If you buy it, you get Unity project. You can see only preview video, sorry.

How many levels does it have ? does it have sound ? Do i need unit to open it or do i need just the xcode 7 ?

Game have one level, but level is different every time. Yes, game have sounds. Yes you need Unity, you can download it for free.

Cool level generator!

just wonder which unity version does this game work on? Thanks.

I write this game on 5.2.1

Can I put admob ads? Is it for android ..

What is most important that I have to change in this wonderful game ?

Yes, you can

i feel regret due i bought this game , there is no support or answer our question i sent him message email he no reply

there’s no any support

even apple will not support iAd

You can use any ad’s


I want to buy it can you please integrate admob?