Spin to Win Plugin for WooCommerce

Spin to Win Plugin for WooCommerce

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Spin to Win Plugin for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Spin to Win is one such plugin that incorporates the typical spin-to-win gaming feature, which aids in capturing the attention of users.

This attractive feature encourages people to spend more time and interact with the website. Additionally, by spinning the wheel, users may win a discount code, which can then be used while making a purchase.

Customers will find a spin wheel in the store, that they may spin by entering their email address. While a customer wins the spin, they will receive a discount code, which they may use when making a purchase.

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Why WooCommerce Spin to wheel?

Features of Spin to Win Plugin for WooCommerce

  • The admin creates and manages the spin campaigns in the admin panel.
  • The attributes of the spin wheel are managed by the admin.
  • Segments of the spin wheel are created and managed by the admin.
  • The admin sets the positions of the segments on a spin wheel.
  • For a segment, the Gravity or probability of appearing must be set by the admin.
  • The admin has to manage the layout of the spin wheel.
  • A trigger option for a spin wheel is present in the admin-specified pages for the customer.
  • On clicking the trigger, the spin wheel shall pop up for the customers.
  • The Report section includes the report and statistics for each spin campaign.
  • On winning the spin, the customer will receive a coupon code, which can be availed while making a purchase.
  • Customers will get coupon data on the e-mail and as well as on the spin to win the section.
  • The admin will get notifications, whenever the user wins a coupon using the spin-to-win wheel.
  • Those segments of the spin to win wheel will get deleted automatically in which the coupons get expired.
  • The admin can configure endpoints by using admin panel.
  • The admin can specify the number of times the customers can spin the lucky wheel with the email address.
  • The guest users can spin the lucky wheel without registering on-site.

Highlighted Features

1- Configuration of Endpoints

Using the admin panel, this module lets the admin set the front’s endpoints.

2- Visibility of the Spin Wheel

The admin can choose where the spin wheel will be visible in the store.

3- Spin Wheel Sales Report

The administrator can examine sales reports for sales where spin wheel coupons were used.

4- Include a Spin Campaign

The administrator can add numerous spin campaigns and enable them all at once.

Business Use

Gamification has been a popular buzzword in recent years. It has evolved into a stealthy method of acquiring clients for your website.

Because of the rising popularity of gamification popups, businesses have been smartly utilizing Spin to win to raise their sales and client retention ratios.

Personalize the wheel for your brand

The Spin to Win plugin makes it easier for a store’s administrator to give discounts by using the spin wheel gaming strategy.

A Spin to win is extremely important in boosting marketing conversions. The more aesthetically appealing it seems to clients, the more likely it is to attract their attention.

  • Spin to win plugin might help you in capturing clients who are about to abandon their carts.
  • Customers are more likely to play and earn rewards.
  • The administrator can design many segments that each include a unique discount.
  • Customers will receive discount information via e-mail as well as through the spin to win the section.

Providing Exciting Deals

True, a brand’s image is entirely dependent on the components of a Spin Wheel.

  • Spin to Win promotions entice your visitors by allowing them to register their email addresses for a chance to win a discount.
  • Begin with a professionally designed template and personalize your Spin to Win to reflect your company’s identity.
  • The campaign can be enabled or disabled by the administrator.
  • The administrator has the option of selecting which websites will show the campaign.


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Change Log

 " v 1.0.0 Initial release" " v 2.0.0 Current release" 
v 2.0.0

Fixed Issues.
Update Coding Standard.
Fixed PHPCS Issues.
Added multiple spin functionality.
Added guest users can play spin without registering on-site.
v 1.0.0
Initial release

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