Discussion on Spin to fit - Fun Arcade Game IOS Template + easy to reskine + AdMob

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I am interested to buy.

Is it supports iPad Pro and iPhone X?

Bug Free?

I am a basic developer can i understand the code?

I need code without ads and Inapppurchase can you give freely?

Please reply based on your answers i can buy the app.


Hi! Thanks! Yes, game fully support iPxone X and iPad Pro. Code is exported from buildbox software, and I think it’s almost unreadable. I can’t see any bugs for now, but if you will find it, I can fix it. Remove IAP and Ads is no problem, if you will buy it, I will prepare project for you without it.


Thanks for ur reply. You are saying code is in unreadable format so can i change app name, colors and app icon , splash or not?

If i buy the app now how soon can u give without ads and Inapppurchase?

Thank u

Regarding to FAQ document inside the project, You will need to send to me all IDs and name. And after it I will send to you your own project with all your date. To reskin this game, you’ll needed to replace pictures in atlass file.

hi 1. can this game compete with others player on game center?

2. does the score record as higher?

3. how much does it cost for add to 100 level?

4. with buildbox file can we edit name

5. can i add more stars, or extra stuffs on xcode? or only can edit on buildbox?

6. do you have documents so i can read about it?

thank you

Hi! 1. Yes, gamecenter is in with leaderboard. 2. Yes 3. It will cost $99 4. Yes, with buildbox file you can edit everything you need.. 5. No, in XCode you can’t edit it. Only with buildbox file 6. I’ve uploading guide. Because editing isn’t allow in xcode I don’t have document for it. You can ask more detail by mail..I think we can find the best option for you Thanks

i’ve sent you an email and also google hangout..please check