Discussion on Spin to fit - Fun Arcade Game Android Template + easy to reskine + AdMob

Discussion on Spin to fit - Fun Arcade Game Android Template + easy to reskine + AdMob

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Hi I have buy game

Check your payment ….

Bro how many time for uploading my game… ??

Hello , can i reskin this game in android studio because i don’t work on Buildbox ?

Hello You can reskin game with replacing images on atlases file. Thanks

I want to buy a source code, but if it is possible to send me a demo file apk to try it , and also file documentation for android studio to see how i resink this games frist , my email :

I want to buy this game, is it possible to change music and integrate facebook sdk?

Hello Sure, music you can change by yourself, or send to me your mp3 files and I’ll replace it for you. Facebook – yes, we can add facebook banner and interstitial. Thanks

Can you please share apk

Hello , can i run rhis game in android studio ?

I am getting error that its api 26 version and google play cant keep my app live because they want atleast 28.

Hello! Please, contact to me by mail, I’ll update you

Hello, i send all my setting information to you, plaese solved. quickly

Hello! I’ve send project to you! Thanks

Hello! I wrote you a message on codecanyon 5 days ago about purchase options and your other games but did not get any response so far. What is the best way to communicate with you?

Hello! Sorry, I don’t receive your mail. Please, write to me directly to: Thanks

URGENT! I would love to buy this game can you upgrade the software version to support at lest android 8.1? Can you add GDPR to the game as well as privacy policy? if yes I would love to buy the game as well as your Re-skinning services.

Hi! Please, contact to me from contact form in my profile page. I think we can do it. Thanks

Hello, I liked so much you prject! I neved used Buildbox before. If I buy your project, I will receive the all source code? Then I will need just to buy the Buildbox license? A few questions, about Buildbox: - Can I implement HTTP calls inside on it? - Its possible to do something by code, or just using they IDE ? (if there is a javascript implementation like CS2/3).

And, I couldn’t download the demo, can you create a new link?


Hello! Thanks! If you will purchase this project you will receive android source project. But it exported from buildbox. You don’t need Buildbox license to use this project. It’s android studio project. But In this case it’s mean, that it’s almost impossible to edit. I’ll help you setup all you needed IDs and ads. For redesign you will need to change some images inside atlases file. About buildbox: Now you can’t implement any code inside Buildbox. They more like drag and drop engine where you don’t need any code or something, it’s more like graphic design.

Hey, please why you didn’t respond to my last messages?

I want project output for Android studio.

Are you going back to the mail? It’s been 2 days.

Please, write to me one more time, Probably I lose your mail. I’ll send project to you very quick

what if I want to change the admob ids after the purchase…

You no needed to do that. Or you want to upload it several times?

I just want to know if its possible or not? if my admob account messes up. I dont want to be stuck with the old ids…

Technically no. Because all files has .pack extension, and there is no way to edit it. But if you will have problem, I’ll help you to change it. Even after several months. Thanks

Amazing Work! Congratulations! Nice Work & Good Luck With Sale :)

I purchased the spin to fit but you said I can put your ids but now you not reply my email address is please send me all file and I send you everything ids on your email

Hi kartofun I really don’t know what’s going on you said give me your ids I give you but now you not responding please let me know on my email

Can you please check your email I sent you lots off msg please send my file with ids please

Hello can you please fix ids please and reply I was waiting like 10 hours no response from you

Interesting Work! Congratulations :) Follow me TOO :D

1.Is it require the hosting? 2. Do you have video for use? Video for Setting, Admob setting, and Publish to play store? 3.Multilang?

Hi 1. Don’t understand about what hosting do you say. It’s just needed google developer account. 2. In downloaded files, will be instruction of how we work (in short, you will send to me all your IDs and I will prepare project for you. Where to get this IDs, you also can find in this document) If you will have any questions, feel free to ask me here, or by mail. 3. In game only 3-5 text area where it all in english..we can translate it, but I think it’s no needed..Game is intuitive understanding.

Hi can you tell me if I wanted to change kartofun can you do for me and and what is the cost

Hi! Yes, of course. it will be for free :)

Is it possible modify game without buildbox ?

Depending of what you want to modify

Add more levels, translate game

Sorry, but no, without buildbox you can’t do it. You can ask me about that by mail, if you interested


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