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its this code cordova compatible???

Cordova is not included, but with a bit customization this can be done easy!

hello, I am interested in your game But there is a problem : the demo does not work in firefox 37 and under IE 11

impossible to test ?

I see the bottle but the bottle does not rotate when I click

I did not tested it in all browsers. Does the button trigger the bottle?

hi, this is a script for website…or an android app? Is compatible with mobile devices?

It’s for both. Check on your mobile device.

does this app works on window phone? can I customize the bottle to another color and shape as I want.

I’m interested to buy the app

Yes, you can, you need to do some photoshop works and css customization


Can you send me the .PSD file or add zip logo (image_1.png in \spin the bottle\documentation\assets\images) because I want to change it

Send to : nico_temp3[...]voila[...]fr

Hello. Is the source code and related files (css, html, js, png, jpg, psd, etc) included? Can I offer it for free in Play Store and place ads on it? Regards,

A wallpaper psd is included and the bottles are png transparent, so you can overal your image to that size/width. All source code is open. If you want to offer in Play Store or iTunes Store you will need to buy an extended license.

Hi how can we android test?

Add the html to your Android Project or Xcode or Use a WebView Method to trigger the online site :) . To test you can browse to http://www.i-spin.com/ with your Device Web browser

can i change the spin on the back?

Hi, yes, check the docs at Add extra background

Hi. Great app. For the app to work like I need I’d to modify it so the “Pick a Drink” option would actually change the background not the spin indicator. How do I do that? Thanks for your help.

Hello. The app works great on Chrome. But the bottle doesn’t spin on Mozilla or Safari. Would really need some help… Can I email you?

Ok, I just checked, but Safari should work on Mac, Firefox Indeed does not work. Remember it’s mostly for Mobile Devices so I did not test this on Firefox, though I will check what the problem is.

Hi Vidal, Have you perhaps figured out what was the issue? Thanks.

is it possible the get the value the bottle shows?

What value do you want? Because we cannot grab values from images, it’s just a background image.

which ide l need to create for android apk

Hi, this is a web app, so giving support in making a Native Android app of it is out of support scope. I only made an iOS application of it a few years ago. I only know some Android tools that could make an apk of it. I don’t know eclipse.

Ok.l know android studio a little.have you document about this

I don’t have documents to create an Android App.

Hi Vidal, hope your well ! I’m very interested about your game but have you fix the issue with Firefox ? Txs for you feedback !

Nice Work GLWS =D