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Hello mate , im buy , but not work ! pelase help me

I want to crawl these sites please let me know if it’s possible with this plugin .

do it download the file type to you machine and uploads the content of just gets the html ??

This is sweet. Can you add a keyword modifier to target results? Or filter to filter through crawler results and narrow down?

Hi, for my marketing project I am looking for a crawler which the entire internet searches and relevant websites in a database stores. to be searched all websites which are therefore written in HTML without cms and which is to be contact area taken from the address and compared from my near come to this. is something like this possible if your crawler is adjusted?

best regards, pascal

So, I’ll be able to crawl all the content, pages, attachments and files on my website ( with this crawler plugin, right?

Need keyword search so we can isolate subject. For example, I would like to scrape menu site for Chinese restaurant menus in PDF format. Or search google by keyword for certain pdfs and extract, display in html page, etc. Can I do this?

So possible, I’ll be able to crawl all the content, pages, attachments and app files on my website ( with this crawler plugin, right?

How it can be connected with wordpress website ?


Due you have setup script also ?


Did a scraper still working and supporting in currently?

Did a scraper can be working multi-threading in deep scraping specific element then crawl internal page and fetching then scraping again?


A scraper will be fetching 180 products in search results as text or html or anything in one by one product from “article class baseline col3 col-md-4 col-sm-4 col-xs-6 alpha omega listing-item mouse-over-element ab-available-sizes-product-card”.

After that will grabbing and crawling a url of each product to fetching another data like a Description.

Such as first result that url is

Then a scraper will scraping and stored Description data from “p description=itemprop” again.


doesn’t work for me


Ma5onic Purchased

Does this script still work? I would really like to get this but I read the last couple comments and people are saying that it isn’t working. That normally wouldn’t bother me but your live preview and website are down. so yeah… that didn’t help with my first impressions lol


Ma5onic Purchased

Hello I sent you a message with the FTP info for support. It’s been a couple days I sent the message.