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Hi, it will be good to add multi step forms.


Thanks for creating this code. It has saved me alot of time! I do have an issue I would like you to help me resolve. At the end of my form, I am using the onClick=”javascriptFunction()” instead of the defaultForm’s post command to a different page. I use ajax to send/receive to the database. By doing it this way, your code does not run the form validation. How could I make this work?

Please Help!

I’m interested in this could you please give me some info about it’s backend for creating forms?

There is no backend for spider . its have form with multi layout and validation and more. only front available.

I am interested in this script but before purchasing i want to know if its possible to limit the amount of additional fields. For example, i only want 1 – 5 additional fields per input. can that be done? If that can be done, after purchase can you show me how? Thank you!

Hello, still waiting for your reply

in which form .

dynamic form fields

Hello, I have some issues, first of all when i add the dynamic form fields and i want to multiply on my template only one fields is inserted, besides this i want to limit it to only 5 additional fields. Secondly i want to add 9 of this fields on a form. kindly help me achieve this. Thanks

If I purchased these script its because i need support, so can u kindly assist? its getting long!

hello, I still have not had any reply!!!

Hello, its 13 days i submitted a query and no response yet. Do i forfeit this or what?

cool work, i wish you all the best for your sales


Hello, I’m interested in the dynamic form input fields.

Could you please tell me if it is possible to effectively “copy and paste” the dynamic input elements into an existing HTML contact page that uses form method post (PHP) to email the inputs?

You can do this . You have to just add jquery code of that dymic field which added on page of spider form and use it.

Hello, why have you not been responding to me? haven’t you noticed that i needed help long ago?

i do not understand, can u make and example… you english is not well comprehensive. thanks

let me explain again. the template am using already has bootstrap, jquery and other frameworks, and in order to avoid complexity, using php include, i did each element separatetly and included in the form. since there are more than 9 fields, and on each page, there is the JavaScript down bellow. so what am asking is, what are the variables to be edited in the JavaScript bellow so that they do not interface with other pages. thanks

this is what i changed and its not working: $(document).ready(function() { $(’.changed’).on(‘click’, function() {

} else { $el.attr(‘placeholder’, ‘changed #’ + index);

$row.on(‘click’, ’.changedButton’, function(e) { /removeButton/

and all the other fields bellow

Hi, I need the Credit card validator option, where do you get this info validated. The script looks good. thanks

After purchase you will get complete source code of spider.