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What is the user name and password?

You can simply register an new account. Nevermind, i am going to create 2-3 accounts for testing…

Very nice!

Can this work without people logging….like visitors using it?

I need this so anyone can chat, without logging in…is that possible? No photo, no name, just to be able to ask a question

i think i cant make that way. sorry!

no worries, still a nice plugin!

Nice plugin, I wonder if it is possible to create a button in a post to contact that post author. Thank you.

I think you are thinking, it is assigned to every post like a comment system(different for different post). IF SO, you are thinking wrong, it is like chat system for whole website. You simply have to keep a link anywhere on your pages to launch the PM systems.

I just purchased this and my users cannot see it. I have no idea where to put Click here to show

Please advise so I can get it working. Thank you!


you have to put in any page, post or text widget to display it in front end. If you are going to paste it in post or page, please use the “text” mode of editor, then update.

If still having difficulties, use contact form on my profile to communicate about your website’s url with wp-admin details. I will do it myself for free.

Thank you – that worked! The last question is, if users are not identified, nor their photos show up, in the messages… is there another setting I need to use? Thank you!

i think you have to use full url in images like http://fdfdf/dfdf/c.jpg you sessions may not be setting up correclty.

I think is cool Plug, i want to buy it, only i have a Q: can I chat with more than one people?

in look and feel it looks like you can chat with only one person. You are notified via mini messages at corner of screen if someone sends a message. You can always click that message to switch to him and reply.

Hi! the live preview link seems not work, pls check & update.

Updated! thanks for letting me know.

can you make it so users can only message the admin? and does this integrate with wp users?

when i try responsive you can not see who you are chating with only online people

It is responsive to tablet or landscape mode of mobile. Potrait mobile screen space is very less to fit all in.

still no answer on the one i purchased needed it to be responsive.Like i said in cell phone users you are chatting with get covered and how do you add to site?

Using galexy 2 is in chat the one I purchased.

Was you able to fix. Need asap for boyscout site.

yes. i fixed “Speedy PM for wordpress” to work on mobile devices (still need to update in live preview). Started working on “in chat” now. i will tell you as soon as it is fixed.

I’m using Speed PM for Wordpress on a Wordpress 4.1 installation. All seems to be working well, except for file attachments. When clicking “Attach File”, nothing happens – no file dialog, no error. Also, checking the console (in Chrome), no Javascript error appears to be thrown – it just doesn’t work. The ability to send files between users was one of the big reasons I purchased Speedy PM (and tested it on your test site first :-)

Help? :-)

yup i think its just a css issue. Just send me URL to your site and it will be fixed in minutes. If you can send ftp, i will do it myself and let you know. – sorry, can’t provide FTP access on this site.

you have registrations disabled on your site. so i cant test the site. Please enable user registrations from “settings >> anyone can register” or create a dummy subscriber account and give me details to test.

Is it possible to add a way to message all? Like a wall that everyone can message each other on? It could display just like the contacts are on the left, but it could say ALL and when they click on that one they are messaging all. Would that be hard to implement?


what you want exactly means you want to do group message ? or chat with many people at the same time.

I have a requirement of pvt message system for multi-vendor Woocommerce portal with dokan (multivendor Plugin). Customer needs a pvt message system between sellers and customers which can bale to block the exchange of email ids and contact numbers over the pvt. Message. Is this functionality available in this plugin?

Can this plugin be configured so that the site admin can converse privately with individual users? Will it accommodate PDF or MP3 attachments in the messages? Those are the only functions I require…

no it cant be used for admin to user chats only. However it supports all type of attachments.

Hasnt been updated since 2014 will this continue to be supported and updated? Thanks!

Hello. Is this project alive?