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All I get is ‘Invalid Login’ errors

OOps i actually should have disabled deleting users in demo version. Someone went to preview admin panel and deleted users from there. Fixing it…

fixed everything.

Very nice, I do like the design of it all, however you are using Facebooks like button in your script.. This is copyright infringement for you and whomever else purchases and uses your script. Just a heads up..

No. Not at all. All images are created by my own designer.

If i can spend 10 days for creating script, dont you think i can spend additional 4 hrs for creating some images. I am very spicific to copyright infringement issues and i dont want my buyers to get in trouble.

I know interface and images looks similar to facebook, that is just because i wanted to make things easier for new users(as everybody uses facebook). But its completely different and my own written code/images.

Before commenting such things, you should have compared and checked those facebook images. It greatly influences sales of the script.

I have compared your “Like” button with Facebook’s “Like” button. The results are here You must be OUT of your mind if you are trying to tell me those are two separate images, because CLEARLY they are the same image. Maybe YOU are the one who should do some research before commenting, or before submitting a script for that matter.

This still poses a copyright infringement threat to YOU and the purchasers of your script. I would highly recommend changing your “Like” button in your script, to avoid future confusion, clear consciences and avoid legal action being taken against people using this script.

Looking exactly same to eyes does not mean that i have done copyright violations. I understand your fear and point, people reading these comments are going to have a second opinion about the plugin. But nevermind, for the purpose of my buyers to feel safe, i will change the image now, its not a big deal.

Hi, I’m very interested with this script, nice work. I want to know something before I buy this, is it hard to implement the comment system on every different posts on 1 page ? so it’s like using different ID or something.


it should, just make sure you are not breaking any tags and using the proper format. A good option would be to view the source by “Ctrl+u”

Yup sorry bout that, it’s working, just css id issue.


I sent you an email from your profile page. Thanks.

Hey. I bought the script but I can’t install it! Also I want to use it without the login par. Can you help me please? Thanks!

users must log in to comment. Please follow the documentation for installation, or at least tell me what error you are getting or at which part you are struck?

can guest able to comment?

no. just logged in people. But guests can view.

Is it posible to integrate this script in webview android assets folder and control it from hosting server.

sorry, never worked on android phones,so i have no idea!

thank you, BTW nice script.


Willing to buy but can you tell me if review/comment can be published once it`s approved?


comments are directly published as soon as you post. They can be reviewed or deleted later.

Hi Satish,

Is is possible to use this comment on a popup or modal popup ? I’ve been trying to do that for days and have no luck.


Yes its possible in modals. In your modal box, load basic html
<div class="scs-skin-default">
<ul id="someid" class="scs-comments">Loading...</ul>
Then whenever you show the modal, execute this javascript

Rest will be taken care of automatically.

Hi there, I need to know if your plugin works with every wordpress product. Visit my website and give a look to the empty space on the left in home page. I would like to insert comment plugin like yours in every article of my website to be displayed in the white space you see in the home page.

this is specially for PHP not for wordpress

I cant get the comment system to load on my wordpress. It claims that it can in the description, but it isnt coming up.

can you give me the url where you have installed it?

Friend, the comment appears straight, or have moderation? ie only appears if the moderator leave?

admin can manage the comments but comments are posted directly without moderation.

Hi, is it possible to see the comments from your plugin within an rss feed of the side where the plugin might be integrated? Thanks for your support! Cheers!

how may i help you.

I want to buy this but I am not sure I can install it. Can I get a preview of the instructions? To make sure I can??

I just want this on my SIMPLE cms. My cms doesn’t use a db.

this plugin required data base so you can create db then follow this step and its work.