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Well done! Good luck! :)

thanks!, more apps to come soon :))

Excelent Job. Can you customize? add RPM and Fuel Level.

That is a cool idea, though it’s hard to implement that. Will think about this :)

Fantastic app…. can you add max speed of route and avg speed…. and add map of routr from a to b

Are Ads integrated into this app? If not, how hard would it be to add Ads to this PhoneGap project? Thanks.

Ads can be added in the html itself

hello I bought the app phonegap the meto to compile and all good when I see him on the phone tells me I do not load signal not wait more than a minute and yet still waiting

Ok, what happens if you open the webapp on your mobile browser?

Can the gauges be used for other style of apps? Say recording Voltage?

Well, with some customization I guess, but that will be a lot of work, now it tracks speed, so if you have input from Voltage… it can be made… but I think it’s way different then just GPS/Speed

Vidal seems nice app. lets say you are driving car or moter bike etc other friend driving other lane . Or there three lanes and three cars or moter bike are speeding up, so can you add or make other app, we able to see how much speed those other 2 car running ? that would be awesome app

Like we have 3 speedometer view from the other drivers/riders? That is pretty slick idea! I can try to see if this is possible with Beacon and join other dashboards nearby :D

yeah thanks Vidal !

Your welcome

It works on iphone and android mobiles ?

I just bougth a Speedometer analog/digital, and implement on my server, but when i open from my phone, it not detect a gps.

please help me

my server is is http://www.rmeproducciones.com/Speedometer/


yes, it works in iphone but no in android

Ok, we will look into it again.

We think the problem is that the GEOlocation API of google want to use https. I don’t have https certificate yet, but if you have one, you might want to try https.

getCurrentPosition() and watchPosition() are deprecated on insecure origins. To use this feature, you should consider switching your application to a secure origin, such as HTTPS. See https://goo.gl/rStTGz for more details.

Awesome theme