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Its the app notifies you when you get to a certain speed? type a beep? Thank U

No. Only current speed

Very cool, simple app. Is it just the one screen? Any features planned for the future?

Hi. It Is possible to Record my tracks with things like max speed distance and so on? And an export option?

If not any plans for that then I would buy it asap


Nice work, GLWS! :)

Do you have this app in the app store already?

How do we know it works?

Can you post a video of it working? Say… in a car? with the speedo and the app in the shot

Can you link us to a working app?

Could it have a distance stop watch!

So street racers can set a 1/4mile and 1/2mile distance top speed

Also, to have track of speed, dates and a small section to comments

Great support so far

7$ I will buy it.

No public response…. $5 and I will give it a try

I could be wrong, but I didn’t see any documentation with the template so I’ll ask this here (can’t find any support for this template elsewhere on the web): The app is using KPH as a unit of speed, I’d like to set it to use localization (in my instance, it would be MPH). For the actual speed/numbers and unit label, how can I do this?

seems like this code is crashing in iphone 6s..can you please take a look and advise?.

if i use xcode 6.4 it works, but with latest xcode version it crashes..Can you please take a look?.

app has 64 bit support and iphone6s plus screen resolution support?