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Hi,i am interested in buying this swift project as i have to submit a college project and i think this would be just fine.I have a little idea of how to make a weather app but could you tell me how you included gps,speed check etc in a document with as much detail as you can if i purchase this.(i will need to explain that to my professor)Please reply asap,i am already running out of time.

Hi. Sorry for my delay but I’ve been on vacations. Please send me a message using the contact form on my profile page here stating all details you need. Thank you

Thanx for your reply.Right now, just tell me how to change the app name,i am getting an error.I will send you a message on your contact form stating all what i need but right now i wan’t to fix this quickly.Waiting for you answer.

It is described in the documentation how to change the app name. What error do you get?


Is possible to save the longitud & Latitud automatically in a MySql DB Server.

Hi. This feature can be added if you know a little bit about swift and php

please help me with that when i lunch the application in my Moblie i get this Error

CodeSign error: code signing is required for product type ‘Unit Test Bundle’ in SDK ‘iOS 8.3’

Hello, All about code signing (enter your own apple details) is handled in the documentation. Please have a closer look at the section C) Important Settings. Please let me know if you could fix it. Thank you.


please you can send me version without in app purchase ?

I re packed the file and did send it again. Please let me know if you received it. Thank you.

Thanks i received it now

i have problem with the new code i send you email

Tried downloading from App Store. It is not available in the U.S. store

Sorry for the delay on this. My Apps are available world wide again. Have a look at the App Store. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/speed-map-weather/id958952252 Thank you

I am also getting the following error: CodeSign error: code signing is required for product type ‘Unit Test Bundle’ in SDK ‘iOS 8.4’

I have created new certificates, new provisioning profiles, followed the steps in the documentation but I am still getting those.

Please help

Ok nevermind, I solved it.. :)

Hi there, Is it possible to record the journey? I would love to see this app let users record the user its tour or location route traveled. Thanks Will not mind paying extra for this feature. Thanks

any update for ios 9 ???

New Version in progress. Will still take a week to get everything done. iOS 9 and all the new Devices compatibility. Sorry for the delay.

Update submitted for review. Should be available soon.

is it compatible with iOS9 devices ?

Hi tfrapps. I checked the project in the zip file you received from codecanyon and everything works fine on my side. I checked via simulator and device. I used a iPhone 6 with iOS 9.1 (13B143) which is the latest version. I also use Xcode Version 7.1 (7B91b). Maybe one of those versions is outdated in your case? I hope at least i could help lead you into the right direction. Please let me know if i can help any further. If you want you can send me a message using the contact form and send me a link (e.g. dropbox) so i can check your project to try and figure out what happened. Please also make sure to use the latest version of the project files. It should say in the top of every swift file “Last Update: November, 09th, 2015”. If unsure just download the project again from codecanyon. Thank you.

For me, it is fixed after adding null check for placemark.locality and placemark.administrativeArea . Most probably when those values returned null the app crashes.

I’m glad you were able to solve it. It’s strange though as I checked the code to run even with return nil… But hey. I’ll as the check to a future update. Thanx a lot and please let me know if I can help somehow.

So many errors on Xcode 7.1 :( Nothing work at all ….

Thanks ,, I’ll check it ..

There are no errors with the new update. But I think it has bug. It give me the error of “Unable to load data . Connectivity error” . I tried the app with cellular as well as wit the wifi .. But the error pop up regularly.

You are getting this error ONLY on the Weather Screen (Left Screen) right? This is because you did not enter your API Key for Forecast.to in the ThirdViewController Line 67. Please refer to the documentation for details. Let me know if i can help you further. Thank you

good evening sir , i get the same problem of my friend above the problem in “Unable to load data . Connectivity error” message i get it in all pages after 1 min of launching the app in real device , actually i put the API Key correctly as you mention in the documentation but this bug is still displayed for me , please help me with that .

best regards.

Hello Sir. I’m sorry that you ran into this issue. As I can not reproduce this on my side, can you please send me a message using the contact form and send me the content of your output log from the moment the connectivity error appears? This would help me a lot to narrow down potential issues. I’ll have a look at it asap. Thank you.


I purchased the app long back. I need code without ads and IAP for new code. Please help me because old code is giving errors.

Please send code to mail.


Hi Miccy, Please find the new version as requested in your mailbox. iAd and in app purchase have been removed and code cleaned out. Also the Menu Screen and all its transition managers as it’s not longer needed without in app purchase. Please let me know if i can help any further. Thanx

Hello. I’d like to have a version without iAds and In App Purchase as well. Thanks.

Of course. Please send me a message using the contact form on my profile page and I will send it to you ;-) Thank you very much.

GPS tracking?

GPS tracking! ;-)

Hi..I opened the project in xcode 6.4 and it gives me the following error

Hello. It builds and runs perfectly fine for me on Xcode 7.2. There are 8 “Warnings” but you can ignore them for now. The only thing you might want to add is the missing App Icon for iPad Pro Support. I will however release an update very soon where everything will be fixed. This 8 Warnings only tell you that there are variables or Objects that are either not in use or otherwise not 100% clear. But as i mentioned above you can just ignore them. The App builds and runs perfectly fine. Just remember to follow the Manual and provide your Details where necessary in the Project. Please let me know if i can provide any further help. Thank you ;-)

Hi, i download the xcode 7.1 and it works fine. with xcode 7.2.1 and xcode 6.4 the issue exist. its not warnings but were errors. i can send you the screenshots.

Ok perfect in this case it’s an easy decision ;-) You don’t want to work with Xcode prior 7 anymore anyway to ensure full compatibility to all current iOS devices. No need for screenshots. As I said it works perfectly fine with Xcode 7.2 and you should use this version if possible for now. The upcoming update will be 100% ok and working with even the latest beta version of Xcode as usual. Even preparation for upcoming Swift 3 support. Thanx ;-)

Any plans to change iAds to AdMob?

Any update on changing iAds to AdMob?

Hey. I apologize for the delay on that. I’ve just been very busy lately. I hope next week I will be able to release an update. I haven’t forgotten you ;-) sorry. Thank you.

Any update?

pls release update for admob. eagerly waiting to purchase it. please leave a reply to me once admob ready code is approved by codecanyon

Hi, does it track in the background as I have an app and it just stop tracking after 5 mins, I am happy to buy it as long as it keeps tracking all the time which I will gather via webservice to show on the web page.

This functionality is not implemented in this App. Thank you


Miccy Purchased


When you are going to update to ios 10


Miccy Purchased

getting lot of errors in ios 10

It s available to embeb in android app?