Speed Vault Video Gallery

Speed Vault Video Gallery

Version 1.1.2 | Shape Shifter (Soon to be released) – Online Demo

Version 1.1 | Shape Shifter (Latest) – Online Demo

- Change from list gallery mode to Grid gallery mode with just one single click
- Custom Video Thumbnail Option
- HTML5 Video implemented

Version 1.0 | Square Base Online Demo

- The very first version of the plugin

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  • Optimized Performance ✔
  • Lightweight ✔
  • Lazy Load ✔
  • Clean & Responsive Design ✔

Video Player Support

  • HTML5 Video
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Daily Motion


SVVG or Speed Vault Video Gallery, is a lazy load jQuery (Javascript) based gallery to display your most favorite videos on your website.

It’s ideal for Video Content Creators who have tons of videos to showcase on a single place, Video Content Managers who want to display a series of episodes on a single page, or even for enthusiasts who would like to share the most awesome videos on the internet with the world in a gallery/grid format way without wasting server resources or messing with the UX (User Experience). It can also come in pretty handy for One Page Websites.

SVVG is focused on speed delivery, lightweight code implementation on the DOM so your website can load faster even with big amounts of video players on a single page.

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