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Interested to know how your plugin “Eliminates external render-blocking javascript”


This plugin is pure bullshit. None of the provided screenshots can even be trusted.

Pls. enable 2 demos: one with, one without your plugin, so I´m able to check.


Please check your website performance here , with or without plugin

Great work! :-)

Hold on if we view that compare link this plugin doesn’t make any sense. It can’t solve the 404 errors that’s just an error with your own demo.

Your demo isn’t using WP Super Cache so of course it looks like it’s improving the load time. However, it doesn’t show any indication of doing that.

Your plugin can’t help with that Inline Small CSS as the files are identical.

Avoid Bad Requests again is an issue with your demo.

In fact, the only thing your plugin appears to be doing is removing the query strings from static resources which can be done with a simple filter.

Also, it’s not doing any minification of code since they are all still not minified.They have unnecessary line breaks and comments.

This plugin is a fake.


May be you are right, there are number of more ways through which a site can be improved , But we have clearly mentioned that our plugin increase the page load performance, and that is done by applying various codes on the htaccess of the file which definitely not visible in the source or any other means. But the result or output can be seen only by comparing it on GTMETRIX, GOOGLE SPEED TEST AND PINGDOM TEST.

Just Buy our plugin setup a site test the one without our plugin and one with our plugin and check the statistics on these 3 major sites. That tags which are adding in the htaccess have been found by doing a lot of research and applying on various site.

So please use the plugin before commenting on it. So users can get real reviews about it and if you are still not satisfied, ENVATO have given a refund button for buyers so they can always use that. But Please Comment only after using it

Plugin works fantastic. 41% page speed score increased to 85% page speed score. Page size down from 2.38mb to 1.25mb. Site loads a lot faster than it was before. No complaints on my end. Plugin does what it states.

Thanks for inspiring us , Please rate us


We have WP Rocket installed and what function is it this plugin adds to this? or is it even recommended together?

Maybe stupid questions but want to understand what it does that we cant already fix with WP Rocket

Waiting for your reply

Kind regards Jens

Hello ,

Thanks for showing interest.

Our plugin is different from wp rocket as our plugin moreover works with E Tags and Expiry Header and i feel definitely it will add up more value to your site.


Hi again

Could we “try” before purchase.

You could login and install and show us result?

Thanks for quick reply


Please try it after buying if not it will not improve you can ask refund”

premiumwow, I am really interested in this because even after we optimized our own website it is still at 4 second loads and we want it as fast as we can get it. The page request are at 61 and we want to get them below 30. We need to still compress the javascript and CSS resources. Out of the issues we know we need to improve upon what will this plugin address out of the ones I listed? Can it beat the 4 second load? Will it compress the javascript and CSS resources? Can it get us below the 30 page requests? If you think it will I will gladly try this and buy it in addition to posting a positive review and comment. We are willing to try anything as we need these issues fixed. Thanks!

Hello we can not comment on the speed unless we look into the site internally, what is suggest you can try out plugin if gets reduced we are all good if not you can ask for refund


I see always “refund here and refund there” are you seriously convinced about your own product?

We are 100% confident and till now no refunds have been asked, but as people were asking to test plugin before they buy, that’s why we mentioned that we can give refund if you are not satisfied

I am pleased I was not put off by the negative comments here. I needed to speed up a clients site, found this plugin, see the offer to refund if it did not work, and decided to give it a try. The file I downloaded from Codecanyon did not arrive as the usual .zip, I tried again a couple of times, same result. I sent a support request, within a couple of hours I had an answer from kamlesh. No messing about, kamlesh offered to install the plugin for me. There was a conflict with W3 Total Cache and Revolution Slider, kamlesh, swapped W3 Total Cache for WP Super Cache, set it all up and everything works well. I got a GT Metrix report before and after, my PageSpeed Score went from 86% to 90%. YSlow from 71% to 78%. Page Load Time from 7.8 secs to 3.5 secs. Total Page Size from 11MB to 10.9MB and requests from 62 to 53. Thanks for a great plugin and support kamlesh.

Hi, Pre-purchase question:- Currently my website speed on google page speed is :61/100. Plz check the screen shot.

So what do you think that how much the speed will be increased after using this plugin ?



It will easily go above 80

Hi, I have installed the plugin and no doubt speed increased but it is still giving me these errors on Google Page Speed insight. Plz check screen shot.


Hi, Yes speed increase from 63 to between 82 to 85 and also on mobile 70. So its a great plugin and I will recommend this plugin.

This plugin helps improve performance and loading speed in mobile mode?

I’ve installed the plugin but uses hard on my website access

fake plugin

refund money

Hello, what specs need on my server to get this work?

I am about to try this plugin.. but oh well.. the price and rating speak for it self at this moment.. :3

Well, to be honest, I’m now seriously doubting the ‘Quality Control’ by Envato. This plug-in does little more than removing ‘wp_head actions’ which you can easily do by yourself if you google around. But most importantly: it has NO EFFECT AT ALL on the LOAD SPEED of your website. $25 for this? Come on Envato, please, if you allow plug-ins like this to be sold on your platform you’re the laughing stock of the internet. Remove this from being sold, seriously!

This author is clearly someone who wants to make a quick buck off unknowing customers. I’m quite surprised Envato even allows this.

Can be used with wp rocket?Try under no effect,You sure your plugin can be used?

Hi I find the plugin interesting, but I have a news site that is being updated daily. Using a program to cache can not delay the posting of new news on the homepage? Will not I always have to refresh the page?

Great plugin I would be buying soon

I just tried your website ( ) on google pagespeed, gtmetrix and pingdom but results are so awful.
GTMetrix result:
Pagespeed result:
How can we trust your screenshots?