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Great work, its very useful! :)

We hope you are enjoying our plugin, your feedback and support are always appreciated!

Great its working properly on my blog its useful i will be going to install in all my blog & recommed my friends to do it further.

Thank you for the support, we are glad to see we have helped make great blogs even better!

Can you give a demo adress to see the plugin we want to buy it

Thank you for your concern, we make every effort to improving our product. As a result, we have added a demonstration URL to give you a little taste of what the frontend of the plugin is like. It can be viewed here:

Where is the demo??

Hello and thank you for your feedback, a link to the demo site has been added: If you have any other questions about the plugin please don’t hesitate to ask.

does it work on wp 4.1?

Confirmed working on v4.1. Try the plugin out for yourself at: Please don’t hesitate if you have more questions!


Does this plugin works with languages other than English? Does it support RTL languages such as Hebrew?



Hello again, currently we still lack the necessary resources to implement such features. However, growing interest in our products may eventually allow such things to be possible.

Additionally you can consider the combination our plugin with others such as this one ( in order to get the result you are looking for. Just a note this is an untested solution.


I installed the plugin but it doesn’t work. It keeps showing the “loading” icon and nothing happens:


Please consider reinstalling the plugin, disabling conflicting installed themes or alternatively make sure you are not attempting to view the plugin on mobile screen sizes.

Nope.. nothing..

No other users seem to be reporting a similar issue, please consider sending a message to our contact email ( so we can assist you in greater detail.

Hi there,

Here are two pre-purchase questions.

1. How do you insert the speed reader in a post – via shortcode?

2. Can you control which text are inserted into the speed reader?

Regards, Deon

Hello, Why the demo is not working? :\

Hi, Please make RTL