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hi nice game interested to buy but the control is too tough to handle can you reverse the accelerometer control function and can you add an accelerometer sensivity control option and also some nitros on the road i will pay extra

Can you provide it also for iOS? Needed both version at a time.

Can app savings last 10 scores .??

can you remove it from playstore ?

does it have Interstitial ads ?

It has only banner ads at the moment.

Hi, i am interested to buy can you provide iOS code also with this..? I want to upload on both networks can you help me on this.

Hi, Is this made in Unity 3D and exported to Eclipse or is native Android?


This game is made by Libgdx framework, you can import to Eclipse.

vai thim. main photo thi hoanh trang screenshot bua qua _

does your games have in-app purchase option? and do you provide setup / compiling services?

Please send me a private message for setup/compiling services

i need devlopper email i have some problems in this code

hello can you help me about ur code ?

What part do you need to help?

hey how i can import this project with androidstudio??

I have trouble importing the “Motorbike” folder say: Select a directory to search for existing Android projects

On the other hand, the “Motorbike-android” folder no problem to add

as I fix it? thanks!

Do you use Android Studio or Eclipse?

I buy this one erro code in eclipse help me and thank you

matthus your code erro in eclipse help me

can not import to eclips error hepl plz

hi im bay thats code bat i cant find him help me plez

hi i need installation services i will pay extra price for that

Google play link not directing to app. Can you share url