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Lovely looking plugin! Good work! Make it responsive and I’ll buy! :)

It can be used in a responsive layout, if you could check out the full screen template, you can re-size the page and refresh it and you will see that the gallery matches the size of the window. But i doesn’t just have to match the window, it will match any element that is its parent if it changes size, that template also comes with the plugin, to help you achieve that effect faster. The only thing is it wont resize as you resize the window, you will have to refresh it, but that wont be a problem if somebody is visiting your page from a tablet or phone, since it just load the page in the right size and the gallery will match it.

Interesting one.

Btw, the live preview is not working.

I tested by clicking the “Full screen template” that you suggest in the previous message

Yeah sorry about that, il see to get it fixed, here is the preview link. Tell me if you have any questions :)

The images aren’t clickable to zoom out though right ? Could you make that happen via a lightbox effect ?

Nice work though.

I’ll wait for lightbox addition then a purchase for me. Thanks for reply.

Oke my friend it wont be long, now :)

Hey the lightbox has been added to spectrum, check out the preview link to see it in action before you buy

Same here, this is awesome. Exactly what I’ve been looking for!

Hey i’ve added the lightbox feature to the plugin, you can check it out on the preview site.

Purchasing right now! Thanks for the communication!

Thank you very much :)

please please add jquery photobox lightbox to this awesome grid gallery. You can see photobox in action here. —Image can be zoom in out with mouse wheel, forward backward arrow are stationary are fix. I hate have to chase for the arrows as the image width change. It’s really an awesome lightbox

This is really cool! Like the others I think a click-to-lightbox feature would be a great feature to add. I saw you said you can still bind any lightbox you choose – I wonder if you have an example of this in use somewhere?

Hello, sorry for a slower response, i just finished adding the the lightbox functionality to the plugin, as requested :), i submited it for upload so it may take a day or two before its approved, you can check out the lightbox on the preview link, since i’ve updated the main preview site, tell me what you think. As for the ability to extend and add any lightbox you want you can see the information for that is here, now you wont really have to do that, since i have included the functionality, though.

The update can be downloaded it now.

Does this work on tablets and mobile devices?

It does, however i am working on a new version of it which will adapt better to tablets and mobiles

Is the new version out yet please??

yep, it’s responsive, and runs much smoother now, also it has in built presets for quicker setup. :)

Preview is not working!

Good luck with sales! Looks great.