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not working with Cache software. Great Plugin but can’t use it as the site cache’s pages with and without the social bars depending on which path the page is viewed:

Empty Cache Wordpress software then: -if page loads for the first time via Facebook, the Faecbook tab notice bar will forever be locked and visible on that page. -if page loads for the first time via Twitter, the Twitter tab notice bar will forever be locked and visible on that page. -if page loads for the first time via my own site, then no banners display and the page will forever remain blank.

How do you fix that? I can’t run my site without Cache Software as the site would be so slow. I think most modern wordpress website now use Cache software to the same effect.

What caching software are you using? My hosting company take care of caching on my blog and I can go to it from Facebook and the facebook bar will appear. I can then open a new browser and go to it from Twitter and the Twitter bar will appear.

When you first come to the site, say from Twitter it will save a cookie on your computer to say next time display the Twitter bar. This is because we know the user uses Twitter so if they come back to your blog we can just display the Twitter bar again. Is this what your seeing?

Hi Paul, I’ve installed and the settings window is blank. It shows the menu items for Getting Started and the names of the bars, but the space to the right is just white without options or text. Please advise.

That is strange, never heard anyone say that before. Can you email me screenshots to paul [at] and let me know what browser your using? Thanks

Hi, I sent the email with screenshot and I’m using Safari on a Mac. thanks

Just checked and its the same on Firefox.

Hi, before buy this plugin I have a question. If visitor close the bar, create a cookie the cookie expires in 1 day. You can do forever?.


At the moment this isn’t possible but it’s a good idea I could add a new setting that will allow you to choose how long you want the cookie to last for. I’m going to do some other updates to it this week so I can put this feature in there soon.

Thanks Paul

I want to show the bar at the bottom, how can i do so?

Hi it’s not really designed for that but you can do this with a bit of css.

Add this to your stylesheet should move it to the bottom of the page.

.pu_notification_bar { top: 97%; }

Can you pls offer this features as an option in the next update? Thanks.

Yes I can do that.

- can the plugin be localized? - can i add further referrers?

Hi there, is it possible to have the bar set to 100% width but the inner content only with 960px width? If possible could you get it done for me if I buy the plugin please?

Best regards.

It’s compatible WordPress Multisite?

Questions: I’d like to get some answers regarding this plugin:
  1. Hyperlinks: In the message bar, am I amble to hyperlink text? As if in to create a menu with Text?
  2. Responsiveness: Is this plugin responsive & mobile friendly?
  3. Menu: Am I able to add or embed the WordPress custom menus in the notification bar?
  4. Images: Am I able to add an image into the notification bar area ? (For example a logo?)
  5. Text: Is there a way to have spacing between text items (For example, if I’m create 4 words evenly spaced) ?
My goal is to get a notification bar similar to this site, where the text has even spacing, functionality & layout as shown here: (Logo | Links | Button)

If you can get back to me as soon as possible on this. I’d like to use a plugin that has all the features I need. I look forward to hearing from you.


Is it possible to add any custom shortcodes on noitification bar? Is there any demo for to test it?