Special discount accordingly categories

Special discount accordingly categories

Special Discount Price By Category

Setting up the special price on each product takes lots of time but this extension helps you to overcome this problem. With this extension, you can easily assign a special price to products easily without opening every products page in just one click. If you can to assign 25% discount just write 25 in the discount field and select category to apply it to. You can also assign the date limit of the discount period.

Main Features:
  • Apply Discount quickly to all products in the category.
  • Discount Special offer by selected category.
  • Quick assign products to selected price.
  • Save your lot of Time
  • Powerful Admin Panel.
  • Easy Installation and setup
  • Uses OpenCart’s built-in module system (no core files are overwritten)
  • Excellent & Best Support

Supported OpenCart Versions:

All 2.0x,2.1x,2.2x,2.3.x and 3x versions

Latest Extension Versions:
1.0 version

Live Demo:

You can try out Special Discount Price By Category without having to install.

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Username: demo
Password: demo

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