Speaker Cards - Talking UI Cards - jQuery Plugin

Speaker Cards - Talking UI Cards - jQuery Plugin

Talking UI Cards that Sound Human

Speaker Cards offer a quick and easy solution to create speech-enabled experiences in your applications. Speaker Cards use cutting-edge AI (advanced deep learning) technologies to synthesize speech that sounds human. Please see the demo application for in-depth demos, code samples, and documentation.

How it Works

Easy to Use. Speaker Cards is a jQuery plugin. You do not need to know any JS or have any coding experience to use the default features of the plugin. All you need is the ability to add a few lines of html and a JS file to your website.

Behind the scenes, Speaker Cards is powered by the cloud, specifically AWS. Here is how we utilize the cloud to put the power of AI speech synthesis in your hands:

  • No Servers. Speaker Cards use the modern approach of serverless computing. This saves you the expense of paying additional hosting fees, as well as dealing with a servers that run 24/7.
  • Familiar API Model. Speaker Cards use an API endpoint dedicated to your Speaker Cards. This drastically simplifies the implementation of complex technology such as Speaker Cards.
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage.Speaker Cards automatically generate and store audio files. These files generated once, and stored in the cloud for easy access and management.
  • Modern AI. Artifical Intelligence in modern application development is exploding. It takes skilled cloud developers to integrate these exciting technologies into modern applications. Speaker Cards is a great example of this emerging phenomenom.

Speaker Cards seamlessly integrate with your application using only a single JS (JavaScript) file. We isolate our styles and code to ensure it does not impact other parts of your application. Here are some things we have done to ensure Speaker Cards integrate and perform well with your existing website or application:

  • Isolated styles and code. We keep Speaker Cards code and styles separate from you existing application or website.
  • Cost efficient design. Speaker Cards was built with resource and cost-efficiency in mind. Speaker Cards utilize offline storage first, and cloud storage second. Also, Speaker Cards know when to generate a new audio file, and when to use an existing file from either 1) offline storage; or 2) cloud storage
  • HTML SyntaxA few lines of copy-paste HTML is all you need to use Speaker Cards. For advanced users, the source code is included for infinite customization.


Speaker Cards include many great features:

  • 47 Lifelike Voices Select from any of 47 voices by simply setting the name in the HTML code. See the demo for more information on how the voices sound as well as how easily it is to change voices
  • 24 Languages Pass in speech text in one of 24 languages to the specified voice matching the language. See Languages for more information.
  • Choose from 19 predefined themes or easily build your own
  • Choose from 4 predefined, flexible card types, or build your own.
  • Keep your Audio. Once you generate audio through Speaker Cards, you can do whatever you want with it.