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Is Admob integrated ?

No, at this time is not integrated.

Demo link not working, please update it.

Sorry for the inconvenience, the link is updated.

Do you have a apk demo ?

There was a problem with the link. Now it’s ok, you can check it :)

Please make the .apk downlodable for all as I can’t downlaod to test it because it asks me for registration.


It’s no necessarily to have a registration. Just close the modal window and click on “Download” again. I will add another link :) Thank you too

Like the app, is it possible to command prompt to activate or trigger broadcast receiver or service to perform some underground work?

Sorry, i mean background

Yes, is possible but is not built inside the app. However you can add it easily. It is easy to upgrade Speak2Me with custom commands. Only you must write action in the method which execute the command and to add it to method which creates new record inside DB. Methods are described in detail inside the documentation.

Can I add my own voice codes as in where it can answer to me like if I say goodmorning.. it repeats my name and say me goodmorning?

I want that it should repeat what is feeded in db possible?

No, but you can make another type of command and when create new one you can tell in your source code to choose from array of words.

If I buy the app, can you guide me how to go about it ?

OK, no problem. You want to add many words in command, and Speak2Me to say one of them when you run the command?

Is this eclipse project?

It’s an Android Studio project

Nice project. But demo doesn’t work properly on samsung tab 2. Any idea?

Thank you. Can you provide more detailed information about the problem?

Give eclipse project then I will buy.

Hi :) I have no plans to make an Eclipse project.

Hola puedes hacer un video de presentación para poder verlo. :)


Like your app, is it possible to add a mp3 song playlist command? for example – if user says movie x, the app should play [upload all songs in a hosting and link them to the app] all the songs from that movie/album.


If you set open playlist file, it’s possible. I did not understand for hosting. You can see the demo.

Great Autor. Graet Product!

Thank you!

can use online? database on server ?

Will this be able to open my app and do like Open appY find X restaurant?

I would like to add this to my app can you custom for us? how contact?

How can we install a few custom commands to come with the app as starter commands.

Hello, this is described in the documentation. Contact me, if you have more questions – grountex@gmail.com

You have code for the other side, Text to Speech?

Thanks in advance for your answer, Good Day Grountex…

Is there a way to add command & sub command Like find restaurant: City = Cleveland with the task first then the category – can we make this distinction in the app via subroutine?