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Hi Unfortunately Im not buying this app from the app store to test it, do you have a redeem code ?

This should work for you :)


Now that’s a bad idea where customer has to pay just to see how it works….

Sorry for the trouble, this should work for you :)


great work 5 stars

Thanks :)

do i need to pay extension for translate or it is free lib like Google translate on Android ?

Hi, it’s not translation it is text to speech – and it is all free to use and built in. No payments or further downloads required.

Great work but need to test firts. Thanks

Thank you, you can use one of the free download codes found in the ‘support’ page to take a look and see what the app can do. The code you are given has more features and a more attractive interface :)

Awesome work, mate. You did a great job, well done.

How can I see how this app work?

Free download links can be found in the ‘support’ page above :)

Thank you! But all the codes are expired

Here is a new one: M7P333PEAY7H

no Chinese language ?

Yes Chinese language :) It supports “Chinese (zh-CN, zh-HK, zh-TW)” You can search those abbreviations to check if they match the correct dialect you are after. A full list of supported languages can be found in the description.

Good job! it is very good, i buy it and it is bug free ;-)

i just have one question, is there a way to make it save audio files ?

Thank you, I’m glad you like it! To save audio files you would want to do some research into the AVFoundation class and recording / saving, I suggest checking out Apples documentation :)

Can I test with October code plz ?

Hi Neo_amaury, sorry for the delayed response our team has been overseas on a study tour. Here is a unique code just for you: PH9J9JJR7Y47

Hey, could I get a code when you get a chance? I’m working on an app that uses this functionality as a main feature, and would love to see it in action. Thanks, man!

Hey Tayls, The app is now FREE on iTunes for 5 days, go crazy and tell your friends. If you need any help building such an app feel free to shoot a message our way :)

ios 8 , 9 ready ?

Hi Atefa209, iOS 7 will be the last build for this product, although not too much in terms of code has changed from then to iOS8 – iOS9 if you understand general programming :)

Kindly have me informed if the code is still working and supported on latest iOS and Xcode. Thanks.

Will this app get updated to support ios9? I’ll buy it right away if it is supported. Thanks.

Sure, i’ll work on the update soon and post back here when it’s ready!

Why this app is removed from app store ?