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does this support the User Pro plugin? does it work on all mobile devices? what if javascript is disabled?

any live demo?

Honestly speaking we have not tested User Pro Plugin. It does work on all mobile devices. And what if javascript is disabled? If it happens the whole site won’t be able to function properly without the browser having JS enabled but don’t worry for you are not going to be spammed if you are talking about it ;)

Thank you very much for your wise attention

This looks cool and I want to buy it…but no demo? Why would you take the time to develop a plugin like this and not spend an extra 30 minutes creating a demo page to help you sell it?

Thanks for posting the demo. I think that it would be a good idea if you let people submit posts on your demo so we can see the behavior when the captcha fails.

Also, I clicked on that slider captcha expecting it to unlock. Am I able to use my own graphic for that? I would probably and the words “Slide to Unlock” under the arrow if I were going to use this one.

It seems to work well on mobile. :)

May I have your email plz? ;) If so, please send us an email to

If this item supports the CodeCanyon plugin UserPro and Gravity Forms, then it’d guess this would be one seriously useful item!

However, since I never use the default / built-in login (except on the backend / admin), register or comment features of WP (I guess there are those that do) this plugin probably wouldn’t fit my needs.

We intended to dedicate this captcha for Contant Form 7 since this is also a popular plugin. However we may change our to do list if the public requests say that.. ;)

Thank you very much

I really like it. Will it work with Gravity Forms?

If so, I will purchase it today!

Also, it was not totally clear to me from your previous comment, is Contact Form 7 currently supported?

Heya, great plugin – would love to see more options for the actual captcha.

Heya, it is surely in our to do list!

I Purchased the plugin but it doesnt work, first of all the images never appear, there are gray bars running as if it is about the appear but it never does. Then I can just simply log-in, it doesn’t prevent login. Did I just waste 17$?

Hello; Thank you for your purchase.

Perhaps there are some conflicts out there! Would you please send us an email and provide us with your website access so that we could solve the issue?

Thank you very much

Hi, this plugin works with BuddyPress registration form?

Hi, I don’t think so

I love your idea but I just bought this plugin and when opening a post on my website the recaptcha is stuck on loading on chrome.

JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.1 /wp-content/plugins/spass_captcha_wp_plugin/captchaBuilder/captchaBuilder.php Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

On firefox the rechaptcha does not even show. I think your plugin is broken or out of date. If you can’t fix this I request a refund.

Kind regards,