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Really nice captcha. Good luck with sales.

Thank you very much

Great script. I like the billiard captcha :)

Thank you. Good luck

They look very nice, but they don’t seem to work on mobile devices.

Thanks, yes you are right but they are going to work on mobile devices too. Touch events will be added asap :)

Hello, as previously mentioned we have updated the item and the plugin works in mobile devices too now ;)

Captcha always says tree, and tree is always bottom right.

Not sure how good this is.

Yes but this is just a DEMO you see there!

In the main item everything randomly changes ;)

sehr schönes Plugin :)

Vielen dank landsmännin <3

very useful and great style ! Good job :)

Thank you so much Eric :)

Awesome work and great timing. Good luck with sales!

Thank you very much Jakartanese

Great job! I recommend this seller. It has given me support, very kindly.

Best Regards

Thank you kindly for your comment.

I’m trying to integrate this you plugin into an existing form I’ve on my site. But unfortunately everytime the jquery-capthca-1.0.1.js is called it re renders the entire site inside the where is being called.

Is there a way to prevent that from happening? Can you give me a hand please?

Please email us your site address. Thank you.

I figured it out. captchaBuilder folder was missing. I just got really confused cause I never thought missing a folder could generate such a weird behavior.


I’ve wasted almost an entire day trying to get this captcha to work. I think there needs to be some clarifications made in the documentation, or test it with actual email contact form php, not just simple echos. I had a contact form that was working, I edited it and got your captcha to display and reload images, but forms are not getting submitted/emailed.

Oh dude! Please check your email

Ok, for those that might run into the same thing as me here are some comments. I also included some feedback for codstack:

FIRST, everyone should know that codstack replied within 24 hours by email and helped get the code working – like most mistakes, it was actually a pretty simple detail that was holding me up for longer than it should have (see below). I’m very excited to see how this interactive captcha method works to reduce our spam. It’s a quite elegant approach.

SECOND, codstack’s examples utilize AJAX, and as such, you may need to tweak the code slightly – my mistake was not realizing that I needed the button type in the form to be “submit”. something that I should have caught, but didn’t think to look there.

THIRD, if your php file has any html in it, make sure to add the session start code at the top of the file and close the php tag:

<?php session_start(); ?> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <title>Email Sent | Thank you for contacting us</title> </head> <?php if(isset($_POST['submit'])) { ...

I use my php file to deliver a link back to the website farther down in the code.

FOURTH, I was a little confused about how to structure the files on my server, although it wasn’t that hard. It would be helpful to those even less tech savvy than me (and they will try and use your code), to spoon feed / show exactly where each file could/should go.

Fifth, adding some commentary in the documentation about validating form fields would be helpful for the less tech savvy. Including code for the basics like name, email, phone, message, etc. would be nearly perfect.

Thanks for making such a neat captcha tool!

Ugh – after testing completely in FF, and getting things to work gave it a try in other browsers, and IE10 and IE11 seemed to be failing (Safari and Chrome seem ok, at least on my Win7 PC).

So I tried the Live Preview / Demo in IE10 and IE11, and only the preloader is showing for any of the methods. (same as what I experience on my own site)

And javascript is enabled.

As we mentioned in related email we are going to fix the bugs asap. Thank you!

We checked the bug you have reported for IE10 & 11

We did not find any issues! Perhaps there is something wrong in your page. Also try the Live Preview without Envato Frame!

Thank you for your quick response. In an effort to see if there was something else wrong on my end, I completely reset IE to original settings, and tried again.

Apologies are in order since, apparently (although I wasn’t experiencing any issues on any other sites), this did fix the problem with the captcha not loading in both the demo and a live site. With the code working properly, I’ve updated my review to 5-stars.

My apologies if my own browser issues caused an unnecessary distraction.

Hi there, I want to purchase this, but I was wondering whether it is possible to use it with HMTL only form without PHP. Can you provide a sample?

Hello; The form is HTML but the page to which form is being sent uses php. You can email us so that we could send you some samples


dmh Purchased

Hi, nice script…....what’s the easiest way to make the “lock” option smaller in both height and width? The slider and button are just too big.

Hi, thanks for your purchase! Drop me an email and let me know what specific sizes you need for the lock option. We’ll do it for you ;)


Can the code be modifed in such a way that when correct shape is chosen, it would enable the (already disabled) Submit button?

Hi Nohani;

Yes, it’s easy to do so. There are some callback functions in which you can add your own code. You can also open a ticket to get your request done in the rare event that you couldn’t do it yourself.


¿Cual es la variable de sesión y con que variable la puedo comparar?

Estoy provando con un formulario que ya existia y quiero usar el mismo codigo que usaba para otro captcha. En realidad es una extension de DreamWeaver.

No sé si realmente se puede hacer. Simplemente es para unificar el codigo.


What is the session variable and that variable can compare?

I’m proving a form that already existed and want to use the same code I used for another captcha. It’s actually an extension of DreamWeaver.

I do not know if you can really do. It is simply to unify the code.

Hey pal, sorry I just missed your comment! Are you still there? I am just a little confused how can I help? Please explain more if possible.

Anyway as to your question, session variable is a global php variable that will be created on the client’s browser. Here it is used to check if the captcha is true.


Hi, I have registered to your support website, but haven’t received any account activation email.

Then I tried to contact you through the contact form in but haven’t received any response. It has been 48 hours now.

Hi, so far no response from the above email.

how do I modify the code to work without using php script/files? When I choose a color, or drag the lock, is it possible to validate it within the same page using javascript?

There is no response from your team members after 2 days of my first email.

Hi qewc, there is unluckily no emails from you pal yet! Of course it is possible to validate it with javascript but it is not recommended since you’ll lose some of the security level. Anyway there is no need to modify the php snippet in order to do so. Using AJAX here is a pivotal key to help you. You can also add your own java-script code in callback functions provided in the code. Please refer to example folder in the package to see the callback functions. In the rare event that you failed to accomplish your needs you can email us to let us do the work for you.

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