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Nice looking plugin. Curious, is there a way to adjust the time between allowed posts? I would like it to be longer the 10 seconds, more like a minute or two, or even 5.


Sure, at the moment this is possible by changing a simple parameter in the plugin code.

UPDATE: With the new version 1.13 is now possible to change this value directly inside the plugin Options, so it’s now easier.

Been using the updated version of Spam Protection for a few days now, and just wanted to say what a great plugin it is. Most of my daily spam has just about all disappeared.

Thanks so much, great Plug in, and great support!

Thanks for your feedback :)

OK, gotta say, been using this plugin for roughly 30 days now. It has blocked over 4000 spam comments so far. That was 4000 spam comments I did not have to mark as spam manually, and my legitimate comments are not effected.

Thanks again, one of the best plugins I have ever used. :)


I bought this plugin today and wanted to eliminate some spam that comes to my site and I see that I still get the spam. I have made the option settings at 25 sec and still this happens.

Any suggestions?

Hello ironmarine and thanks for purchasing, in my website i have few spam messages every week and this is my method:

I’m using this plugin with the “Time Delay” option set to 15 and the “Maximum Time Limit” option set to 1200, and i’m also using an additional trick, i add:


in the:

Setting -> Discussion -> Comment Blacklist

option, based in my experience only spammers use bbcodes in wordpress.

Hope this helps.

Thank you, I will give it a try.

Aside from the [/url] code, any other suggestions? We are still seeing tons of comments that get through.

Hello flacnvinyl, another suggestion would be to include in the comment blacklist all the character that your target audience doesn’t use like russian alphabet, asian alphabet etc. If you need a 95% to 99% spam detection a plugin that works with an external and always updated database of spam comments is required, but for this kind of service a monthly fee is usually required.

Hi! is-that it clears every problem it is found on its website. I search a plugin could delete it all the problem that I have on wordpress.

I think i was hacked.

Hello redkeyzmusic, this plugin helps to reduce the number of spam comments received but doesn’t solve other problems.

Do you plan on adding any more features?

Hello flacnvinyl, i’m not planning to add new features at the moment.

Got it. Does it still work as intended without interfering with CF7 and other plugins? I just don’t see any updates since 2013 so concerned about continuing to use it.

Hello flacnvinyl, this is a pretty simple plugin and I don’t need to update it at the moment, there is only a sort of filter when the comments are submitted. I never had reports for conflicts with other plugins. If you need more info on how this plugin internally works please contact me via the support tab or the profile contact form.