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great job buddy . good luck

Thanks Bro ^^

wa lmaghreeeb ztorotoooot

thanks bro


Presale question where am i suppose to edit the skin i mean which software?

if you mean for this template you need Buildbox 2

thanks ^^

Rally nice. Good luck ahead.

thank you so mush ^^

Can I just upload the game directly to playstore if needed? without changes

hello dear , you can buy game if you want add any change for game or your ID Admob thanks .

do i need to have buildbox license to edit the game

hi ! You can Buy The Software On BuildBox.com Or Also You Can Try Free

is it possible to reskin using eclipse or android studio

no you can reskin in eclipse or android studio you just need to export the game on buildbox

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales

thanks bro ^^

thanks bro ^^

Hi. Nice work. What version of buildbox you used to build the game.

Hi Almorato, This Version built on Buildbox 2