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hello good app but where can I change the package name

I’m changing the package name but google play fails to as the same package name

maybe you don’t change it in manifest file

Are all images separated or in one sheet ? Is it easy to add start app ?


Hi bro,

This is that I mean. But:

1. Where is the enemy?

2. Can we change plane for bounce back when hit the wall?


Can you make an AI ship and bounce back when hit the wall?

Like apk that I sent to you.

I can but I think it’s not needed, because it will be completely different game

Yes, so the game will more exiting. With AI ship and bounce the wall.

Can you make it?

I can integrate other ads network easily ? Like start app

I watched the game play, my honest opinion is that stars are for scores and we need some enemy to add excitement to the game, the enemy can be it cannot bounce on the walls of the screens or you can introduce an enemy trying to attack the space ship.. Also are there any levels to raise the difficulty?.

Its really a nice game but few additions like this it will be a wonderful game play!.

Now the source can be edited in Android Studio

Still want to buy this if you add an enemy, bro…

I need AI enemy.