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Thank you!!!! ;)

Thank You! ;)

Is this also an Android game that can be edited in Android Studio?

Hello, for compilation on android I used the online service “CocoonIo,” possible and through android studio but it will be much harder and will need to modify some of the code!

Look at this video, compiled in APK I did not take more than 10 minutes of time: https://shatter-box.com/knowledgebase/cocoonio-how-to-build-a-game-using-construct-2/

If I want to change the logo, in what folder would the GameLogo file be in? thanks :)

Thank you too! If you need more help you can write me an email: muscle-ss@mail.ru

What does the controller symbol on the upper right hand of screen do? thanks.

If you mean on the start screen, this button show more games from this author, you can insert a link to a website or something more. If I do not properly understand the subject matter, you can take a screenshot and send it to me on a mail, I’ll definitely be able to answer. My email: muscle-ss@mail.ru

Hi, Have a problem the game not work in mobile browser, i test in chrome and in browser native of andorid and the ship leave fix in screen top left of gameplay, and test also the preview in codecanyon is the same problem, let me know please

Everything I’ve done a universal version and sent to you by mail! Thank you for your purchase!

thanks for support

Thank you too! :)

tomyman55, it may take a few seconds to nearly a minute to load. Make sure you don’t have the editing file open when trying to view on the Chrome or Internet Explorer browser as well.

Yes friends game has a lot of resources, so loaded not very fast.

Which Plugins needed to add in cocoon.io to compile for android and IOS ? Thanks

Hey, look here this page and video, there are all the instructions.


If there are more questions, you can write me an email: muscle-ss@mail.ru


Thank you!!!!

I m looking for a construct 2 developer, are you available for make a game for me?


Hi, yeah right! Please write me an email, what kind of game i have to do, and other issues.

My mail: muscle-ss@mail.ru

I m looking for a construct 2 developer, are you available for make a game for me?


Hi, yeah right! Please write me an email, what kind of game i have to do, and other issues.

My mail: muscle-ss@mail.ru

Is the game 100% mobile compatible? Is it possible to save each of the players score for it to be saved externally?

This game is compatible with mobile devices, and has the levels of conservation!

So, does that mean that we can’t save the score externally?

This game is saved!

Can I easily modify the game so a member can’t play the game over and over but gets X amount of time to play before the game end and the score is saved?

This is for a website which is responsive and plays in full browsers and mobile deices.

Hi, all my games can be completely and easily edited using the game engine Construct 2. You can easily add new features or remove what you need without any programming knowledge. https://www.scirra.com/

Yes, all my games are built on the HTML5 platform, so they work well on all types of devices!


cobrax Purchased

hi i have a presale queastion is it posible to make the game with a movie intro before game launches


cobrax Purchased

ok i bought it now can you tel me howto implent this

Hello, write to me on the mail and add to your message your video, I will install it and send you a ready project. muscle-ss@mail.ru

Hi! I downloaded the Space Purge app a year ago and I have a question. I customized the graphics to my liking (icons, etc.) but I’m a newbie when it comes to rendering the entire thing to a working .apk file or for iOS.

How much to have you create a .apk file and iOS version for me? Thanks so much!

-Rudy Triana.

Hi, unfortunately I’m not currently doing freelancing.

Hi. Is there an easy method to change the orientation? so that everything falls from top?


Hi, yes it can be done but it will have to rework a lot of code in the game.

Any tutorial on admob? I clicked the one within the documentation but the link displays a 404.

I was able to input the interstitial and banner ad ID’s, but I guess what i’m asking is… do I need to edit when these ads will load during gameplay or is that already configured in the ‘ad settings’ tab by default?

You can reinstall the code anywhere and on any page you can put the desired type of advertisement or even remove it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MTjb_Lne44


In the product description you wrote that it’s :

Easy to Reskin; Easy to Add Content Easy to Change Source;

Is it easy/possible :

1) To change the language of the game ? 2) To save the score in a database ? 3) To make the game begin at a specific level ? (ex : user died on lvl 6, he can continue at lvl 6 and don’t has to start at lvl1 again )


Yes it is! This game is built on the game engine Construct 2, you can find out all its features on the developer’s site: https://www.scirra.com/construct2