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Any video? Levels? In App purchase?

this is infinity game,include advertising in applications


Nice product.

But, Include Fatal issue.

Can’t defeat it when I shoot them.

I can hear hit sound.

But Can’t defeat….


Funny error.

Which version of Unity are you running?

I think the problem here when you import this project. Open Unity and go to the Assets/Prefabs. Select “Shot” prefabs and change tag to “shot”. If you have any question, please contact me: dotfingermobile@gmail.com or dotfinger.ios@gmail.com.I will support you directly.Thanks

do i need unity or xcode to build this game and test it? do you have instructions included with it?

you need unity to build xcode project, and open it with xcode project.That’s easy to reskin and ready sale on Appstore.This file include the document was very clear guidance.

Hi, do I need to change the sounds? are the sounds copyright free?

Sorry for the late reply. Sound is free, you can use without any copyright problems.

game has 64 bit support, ios9.x and iphone6s plus screen resolution support?

Good morning. you would have a version for Contruct2 , thanks. A greeting.

We don’t have a version for Construct 2, but the template easy to reskin with Unity.