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Nice app! good luck with sales

I have questions before buy it 1.how many enemy style ? I wanna 3 style 2.can shoot some item for upgrade skill I wanna 3 skill laser or etc 3 enemy can animated like player ?

Thank you


Is it easy to add more levels ?

both PC and macbook show this erro “GC overhead limit exceeded error” can you help me ?

i got errors too with code can u answer us :(

Hi, how I can add the id Leaderboard please ?

Setup project in Google Play Services

I’m no expert. It includes tutorial? For every rookie and inexperienced can edit it.?

Tutorial describes how to include libraries, where you can edit AdMob ID and Leaderboard ID and where you can change images in resources

Include additional language can be? I want to include Spanish language !!

I have already bought the project. But the tutorial explains nothing.

For a beginner, it is too difficult.

Recently I purchased. but once I run in my device all images go off. Help me sk.foru143@gmail.com

You could give us the project, exported to the format compatible with Android Studio. Please!

I do not want to install “eclipse” Since I’ve always had a problem having both programs at once on my pc

dear friend can you update the game for me to have more levels when player reach to specific score also , add other weapons and more enviroments , update the in app payment feature , how much does it cost tell me and i will pay you the cost.

Now the source can be edited in Android Studio

Excellent project! I used the Android Studio. And I got to Play Store. You should add some levels or difficulty or function.

This project deserves to be you continue :)

June version. Changelog?

build.gradle and manifest have been changed only, no changes in gameplay