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Awesome design, I like it! :)

Seem to have an issue when viewing on a mobile device, it’ll go from the final panel to the previous or first panel. Item Support link does not work either.

great thanks for the quick reply! To be more specific, when you reach the 2nd or 3rd panel on your mobile device, then scroll upward, it’ll trigger the issue which sends you back to the first panel.

Thank you! We’ve just added a fix for it so if you can pass us your email address we can send it over, otherwise we’ll be applying the fix to files on here this weekend.

presale question here: Is it possible to store answers in a excel form? I am looking for a solution that can work on a local based html that is only connected to local wifi and no internet access so that we can export it to our sales software at a later moment. So it won’t be able to email with the php mailer.

At the moment this isn’t set up to store answers in an Excel form I’m afraid.

Nice work. I need a form for a dating site. I need to build a form with several fields, like age, hobbies, marital state, couple preference, a file uploader and so on. Can I do it through this form? Thanks.

Hi there, you can use this form for all those questions, other than the file upload, which is not supported in the current version. All the information that the user inputs will be sent to an email address that you specify.

Hi, I am interested in buying your script but I have few questions.

I have to make a form that can do simple arithmetic operations(+ – * /) with numeric inputs and can output results. So here are my questions.

1. Can I do it using your forms?

2. Is there a GUI to make such forms or I will have to edit and place code manually?

3. Put simply, Can I make these forms including arithmetic operations directly from front end.

Please guide me.


Hi there, Unfortunately the form doesn’t include any arithmetic options and the current version doesn’t include a GUI, although that is planned for a future update.

Great form! How do I change the font style of the form?

Hi there, the form is set up to inherit the font style of your website.

If you need to add specific font-styles you will need to edit the stylesheet or overwrite it with your own stylesheet.

Hi, Has the issue with the mobile view been addressed, as the version I downloaded keeps going from step 2 to step 1 on mobile all the time. Thanks.

Hi there, if you download the latest version this issue has been fixed. Many thanks!

Hi SpaceCatCreative, I am having the same issue with the current version as deviivanov had with the step 2 on mobile going back to step one. Is there a way to check why this is happening?



Hi there, we have just submitted an update for review with this issue fixed, so you should receive an email when the new files are ready for download.

It seems an older version of the javascript was accidentally uploaded which caused this issue to resurface.

Hi There,

I believe you are speaking with my colleague Matthew Wilkes by email about this and a couple of other issues already. Can you liase with him for the new JS file and resolution on a couple of other issues. Thanks again for all your help.

Hi there Is it possible to include smtp when the mail is sent?

Does this contact form work with javascript only? (so I don’t have to use PHP or name my contact page “contact.php” for example).

Hi there, the plugin only works through PHP which sends the details of the form to a specified email address.

Support link does not work and contact form on website has an error and will not submit any information. “There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.”

Need to know how to change button text. Thank you.

Looks like a great form, but have not had a chance to test it.

Hi, I’m having the same issue where for the form disappears after step 3 if you scroll up or down/rotate the phone. I have downloaded the latest version and still experiencing the same problems. Please could you advise? Thanks :-)


Looks great! GLWS