Discussion on Space Explorer Unity Complete Project(100 Levels)

Discussion on Space Explorer Unity Complete Project(100 Levels)

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Where is the documentation? Where can I change the package name and admob ids?

There is a file name documentation.pdf in project folder; since this version is old,we will release the update next week

Ok I bought your project but do you have a documentation with more details please, like how can I modify the health of each enemy, my own spaceship, if I want to modify the path of the enemy or boss, you know what I mean ? thanks…

Just go to Assets/Prefab to change Enemies And Bosses data by click on each prefab and change number. To change player: Go to MainScene, find Player object

Hello there, I’m still waiting your response about the final WIN GAME after level 99; by the way, I’m working with UnityAds in first, admob sometimes, so I remove the ”//” in your UI.Manager.cs before the lines with Advertisement to get unity ads but a lot of errors appear, are you sure is it the right integration lines ? thanks…

I tried your APK, it is a great work but it is not 100 levels but 100 waves ! it is not the same thing !

Hi. I bought the game and tried to build it. I have a question. 1. Interstitial ads do not appear after game failure. (The editor’s test ad works well) 2.What is the function of the WATCH ADS button?

Please answer. thanks.

I got an update and tried it. It’s working well. I have a question.

If the game fails, an interstitial advertisement is displayed. And when the main button is selected, another interstitial advertisement is output. I think the user will hate it if it comes out too often.

I want to have interstitial advertisements printed only when I fail. What should I fix?

It’s very easy. Just find UIManager.cs and search for public void GameOver2(), and delete admob.showAds();

Thank you for your quick response! I applied it right away! Have a nice day.

Can we able to add more levels?

Any level editor with this code?

Congratulations,Nice Work,Good Luck with Sales :)