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That’s because of the update on the google play services, and I’m updating all my apps over time. Add me to skype, and I will try to send it to you before anyone else.

They help me or give me a refund?

I hope you can help me, or give me my money please

Hi miguel, we are updating all our games to the last google apis please wait and it will be ready to download. You can ask for a refund if you want

Hi How are you

i have a problem in Game

this link for it : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.perfectdesign.blugiadragon

On Game Over FreeButton Not Visible How i can Show it?????

Please Help Me … Thanks for your time

Hello …. ?

Why You dont answer my Questiion ????

I never solved my problem, the seller treats it as ignorant

One of the worst client I have ever had. @Miguelflow shouldn’t treat authors like that. This client was having a weird error in is Android Studio, and since his computer was not compiling the game I decided to compile the project for him and of course, for free, just to have his apk ready and on the app store.

1 week later he starts telling me that the game is not the same like in the codecanyon page, and stuff like that with no sense at all, I try to provide the best customer service out there. I do not treat anyone as ignorant, trying to help giving detailed information and step by step.

This guy is so rude, and I hope they ban him from codecanyon anytime soon. And then, after all the help I gave him, he starts spamming on codecanyon saying that I’m a bad seller and no one should buy from me, bullshit.

—Manu Gil —Mad Triangle Games

One of the worst client I have ever had.? then you have taken more bad customers , I open dispute on paypal because honestly I do not want to be stolen can check that I bought and I’ve never had any problems so far

Ok, paypal will take care of you.

I lost $ 16 purchased this app , I do not recommend

So app is not updated with latest google play services, leaderboards etc?

The app works right now?... is updated?

I take like this error its normally? http://i.stack.imgur.com/wV3rf.jpg

I fix my problem its okey thanks for this code! its perfect! :)

Is the game working now? Or do we have until is updated. I would like to purchase it.

All my games have been updated today!

Hey gikdew – Awesome Code, Awesome product and above all, Awesome Layout. I noticed that your documentation is offline as it is stated as the domain is parked. can you please give me an alternative to find the documentation you had please. Looking forward in hearing from you. Once again, awesome work :)

All my games have been updated today! You can view the documentation offline in the documentation folder!

Thank you for the reply. Awesome Work once again.

Hey I tried to access the documentation but could not can you send an alternative link pls thanks

All my games have been updated today! The documentation is inside the folder!

Do you have any plans to update the source to support latest Android Studio 2.2?

Yes, all my games have been updated today! :)

Hi, can I fully reskin it in android studio or do I need some other software like buildbox or construct2 or something?

You need to change the images in the assets folder and compile again with Android Studio.

Do you have a tutorial to integrate google play service with ids and leaderboard for your game ? Please provide me. The tutorial link in your purchase pack wont work.

where is the documentation. The online link provided doen’t work and I cannot even found it in offline file downloaded after purchase. what should i do?

still waiting for documentation. In the documentation folder, there is only one line written which gives a url of a parked domain showing godaddy advertisements only. The seller is not new but I am surprised how someone who sold so many items is so careless with basic things.

Hello there,

I’m struggling trying to load the project into Android Studio, tried using the option “Import project (Eclipse, ADT, Gradle, etc)” and also by creating a new Android Studio project and copying the files, but none seems to work. Can you orientate me to load it in the current flow of Android Studio?

Hi there,

Nice to see your products are selling. Congrats. I am having an issue getting the documentation. When I go to your Dropbox link, it is broken and responds with a 404. Can you please supply me with a link to the documentation.

Hi sir , your site is down and i cant download documentation . How can i get it?

and source code cant sync and Build APK even without any edit . please support or refund . thanks

Please send docs