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Hi there, Can I have a demo for the admin panel please?. The data on main page not working

there is not a way but we can customize it for extra cost

you can connect with us on skype by searching

Same question in another way … Can you customize the admin panel and the app for me ?. And how much it will cost me please?

Yes i would love to customize it for you.

a client of mine bought your application but I do not understand how to configure the login user and install and load the database but it is empty as the user added in the login

We need to verify before providing support sir. thanks

What do you need me to ask my client is not I who made the purchase? I am the technician

you have to reset password through email and change email on database before doing it.


Vorrei acquistare l’applicativo, volevo sapere l’app è personalizzabile ?

sì sito web e app è completamente personalizzabile.

potresti indicarmi il link perfavore così vedo tutto e provo prima di acquistare.

Does the mobile app allow notifications from web app? Can we send notifications to a single account?

yes you can

admin not working

its working sir. please avoid copying whitespace while you copy email id.

Do Push-Notification work? I’ve added the OneSignal credits to the .env file,but they are still not working… Or schould I do anything else? Thx

yes it works. there will be some issue with your configuration.

Thx, will search for issue

Thankyou. Let us know if need more help. Find us on skype

brother your database file is not in database folder, because you add *.sqlite in your gitignore file.

sorry we are unable to varify you as our product buyer. can you share your purchase code with us on skype at


Greetings, I wish a test of service. I want to adjust this Studio Salon application to My Ionic application project, for a business model. My business performs manicurist at home and I want to have the application, so that my customers ask for the service and be able to serve them at home.

sure you can check the demo Edward

Can I do restaurant seat reservation? Thanks

yes but you have to customize it

Hello I want the service to be for different doctors, after the reservation is made a payment with paypal and mercadopago (my country’s gateway), after paying access to a live chat (of variable duration) and then there will be a system of ticket and support for 15 days so that the doctors continue in contact with the patient or client, is it possible to personalize your script?

kindly share your requirement over skype by searching

Excellent, tomorrow I connect since in my country it’s 2 AM and it’s too late Thank you

Sure Sir

Thankyou for inquiring.