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Amazing plugin , keep going! :)

Thanks, mate! ;)

Hello, i have categorie, subcategorie and subcategorie and subctegorie is this all displayed in this Vertical Mega Menu Responsive Module ??

Hi Petra445,

Yes. Vertical Mega Menu supports to show Categories and Sub-categories follow the columns are configured.

We aren’t sure that we get your question clearly, so please let us know if the answer isn’t the same as your expectation.

Thanks & Regard,

Can you make this module available for prestashop, I am sure you will find lot buyers using 1.5

Hi kartik_jh,

We are so sorry we have no plan to make this module available for Prestashop If you want to get this version right now for your work, you should consider to submit new ticket to our Custom-work Department. Our team will help you to make this module for Prestashop1.5.4.1 with extra cost.

Thanks & regards!

Hello, I have bought and install your module today. It seems that it causes a problem, i get an error after i login as customers and try to navigate to homepage:

Catchable fatal error: Object of class Customer could not be converted to string in /home/myfashio/public_html/cns/modules/spverticalmegamenu/spverticalmegamenu.php on line 353

Can u help pls?

Hi Efishop,

Thanks so much for contacting us

Please try to clear cache. If my solution can’t solve your issue, please send us your site’s url, admin and ftp credential via our support system. We’ll detect the root of issue for troubleshooting.


I have send the ftp credential via your support system. Hope u will solve the issue quick. Thanks.

Hi Efishop,

Could you please send me the ticket ID? We will check it carefully and get back to you soon.


I think the module is not very practical for shopping with many subcategories, is quite confusing for the customer and order categories and subcategories.

The styles are not very good, not unlike the categories of subcategories. I’m not installed in the shop, lost money.

Hi stukos2,

Firstly we are so sorry if anything makes you feel unsatisfied with our theme. We are here to listen and fix it. Would you mind to provide us the more detailed information about the problem of yours?

Thanks & Best Regard,

I would like to buy the module but very discouraged by comments from those already bought.Anyway when is your next upgrade to support prestashop Secondly, can’t you solve your module problems without needing to ask for ftp or cpanel login details? because with me am never ready to give out those login details and also prestashop keep on changing the versions and the theme-meaning that if you edit the code for prestashop, your changes whenver be available after upgrade.

So, often solve your module issues without needing to access the prestashop code

Hi ronelgon,

Thanks so much for paying your attention to our module.

We upgraded this module to be compatible with Prestashop We are testing this upgrade version now. The official version will be available soon.

About fpt or cpanel login requirement, we just change the code of our module. We do not edit the code for Prestashop or your site structure. It would be awesome if you can possibly give us temporary admin account so we can check this matter for you.

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Thanks & Regard,


Is your plugin work automatically, i mean, should i add categories, sub & sub-sub categories, or it’s garb automatically.

Also, is it work with PremiumPress themes>> http://zvezdageek.com/2015/06/03/premiumpress-review/

Thanks and hope it’s work for me.

Hi you guys,

Thanks so much for paying your attention to our theme

You are free to add categories, sub and sub-sub categories to show. This is a Prestashop module, so it can’t work well with the WordPress site.

If you like this module, you should request our Custom Work Department to create a WordPress version.

Thanks & Regard,

Hi Guys I need to know if this module have a drop down vertical efecct similar to the one show at right categories at this site on prestashop: http://latinamazon.co/ That is a regular superfish drop down vertical list to the right.

I have seen the style used for vertical dropdown on the demo of your module is a little different. Can I have same style as showed at my link?

I will be using this on my prestashop 1.6.x site.



Hi: I have seen the live demo and see that is responsive for prestashop 1.6.x as I wanted and do vertical drop down to the right as wanted, but I want to know how much for customization to have the same simple superfish jquery effect of the vertical drop down showed in http://latinamazon.co/


One issue that I have found in your live demo is that if I go into any subcategory, then the categories vertical drop down menu is not kept. Only on Home Page

Hi erickbellido,

Please feel free to submit a ticket to our our Custom-work department. Our team will send you the quotation for this work.

Kind Regards,

This module works only on internal pages or the main menu of prestashop?

Dear sir,

You can create your own menu and put it any position you want.

Thanks & regards!

FAQ’s . Official Support

Hi, Skyoftech. Which are the differences between your modules “Vertical Mega Menu” and “SP vertical Menu”?

Dear sir,

They are one. If you have any question, let us know.

Thanks :)
FAQ’s . Official Support


ramess4 Purchased

Hi, I uploaded it but when I try to search module it can not find it. I have Prestashop

Dear sir,

Please submit ticket, we will help you. Here is submission: http://magentech.com/submit-a-ticket/submit-ticket