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Will this export BuddyPress fields or is it limited to WP user fields?

Hi !

I checked the BuddyPress Plugin. BuddyPress stores the extended profile-field data at a special table.

This will be included in the next release, i think this will take 1-2 days.

Regards Naranili

Thanks for the update

Has this been resolved? Is the plugin now compatible with BuddyPress?

What it knows to export? I can set that the EXPORT what I want?

You could select each field you need. See the example export. Also all user-meta fields from other plugins could be selected. (see the screenshot)

i can export item from ecommerce plugin ?

Hi !

Please tell me wich eCommerce Plugin do you mean. I could check this out.

Regards NaRaNiLi

I’m just trying to understand what I can do with a plugin

Export your user data as a CSV file.

User-name, first-name, last-name, .....

Hello naranili, version compatible with BuddyPress fields have been updated? Works with custom fields? Thanks!

Hi !

BuddyPress isn’t ready. Will take some days more.

Regards NaRaNiLi

Hi Ralf, I’ve got a question on the plugin – can you get in touch?

Thanks, Mark

Did buy the plugin, here is my feedback.

1) I can’t seem to export user_nicename (bug?) 2) It’s nice that you can Sort-Position the input-fields, will it be possible in a future release to sort the users, by name, when they registered or id. 3) It would also be nice, to be able to add custom headers for the columns, instead of first_name i could change that to Name, instead of user_url and could change that to Website. 4) Would be great with a download right now button, instead of getting it with mail. 5) I would also move it from the Settings tab > Tools tab 6) Would also be great to have some options where you can save multiple settings, Light Export, Full Export, Weekly Export, and they could be emailed to different mails.

Other than that, great work.

Hi !

A lot of needed Features. Will correct the bugs in the next days and try to add some of this features.

Regards Naranili

Correction: I can’t seem to be able to export the first selected coloumn, if I add 1 for first_name, 2 for last_name and 3 for user_email. The last to only gets exported to my .csv file.

Trying to export characters with å,ä,ö dosen’t work very well either :(

Hi, I need the export to include the extra fields that “Cimy User Extra Fields” are adding. Do you know if this is possible? Has it been tested?

Currently the plugin doesn’t support custom fields

Hi, did buy the plugin, is it possible to export also the user role? Thank you

I saw that an update has been released. Is the role role included in the export now? And how can I update the plugin without lose the old settings? Thank you


I didn’t an update.

Hi, It is possible to embed excel table with the formula of course and let the user to use those formula on the WordPress end thx

Sorry. No.

Great plugin. I need to schedule imports for Friday night. How can I do that? Do I just save changes to the settings page on Friday night?

There’s no FTP support for this plugin? It says that you can download the file via FTP. I want to schedule the users to upload to an FTP server every day. Is this possible?


I want to buy this plugin, but first i want to know if i can to put another code table in wp admin panel. I want to put statistics and more. I wait your answer. Thanks

No. Only the User-Data