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its not Source Guard

This is Source Guard.

Please fix the demo ,I need to see it’s works

Please check source of iframe at bottom of page:

Click, remove frame. To see the demo work.

Yes! This is true.

I see what you mean if someone is checking it using the source code window, but you don’t even need to go to a “View Source” window to grab all your HTML. For example, you can simply right click and inspect an element and see all your rendered HTML code. So anybody can copy that code.

Yes, this is true, but You cant see removed comments etc. This is obfuscation solution, working dynamically, each page is “compiled” on the fly.

Hi, how to use the source guard stand alone? Is this where I put the code when edit index.php? Advise? Thanks.

<?php include(‘path/to/sourceGuard.class.php’); $sg = new sourceGuard();

the content of the index.php

$sg -> Run(1); //Replace to encoding mode 2 or 3, if you want ?>

Hi, You must add ”$sg -> Run(1);” at end of Your file and plugin encode Your source dynamically.

I got this error in chrome


Sent web info message from your profile here. Please check.


i have not gotten a response. can you advise how to get it working? thanks.

hi, i want to use this in a phpbb forum script. Can you tell me if its working with phpbb ?

Solution was tested on many PHP based websites (100+).
If you have minimall skills of coding, then You can install this on phpbb by adding two lines of code to Your index.php file.
If You have any other questions, please contact with me via profile contact form. :)

But I can view source code using inspect element. Right click on page and click inspect element.

Good idea behind this script, I almost bought it but then I realized – by comparing the output of http://mania.hekko.pl/demos/sg/frame_content.php?e=codecanyon&mode=3 (the third mode which obfuscates everything) and http://codecanoyon.com – that the size of the website rises by half (from 644 kB to 944 kB!!!) and the load time too! (from 4.5 seconds to 6 seconds to load all assets of the website for the first time!). You can check for yourself in Firebug or any online website load speed tool (although there the load time can be even much more differentiated like 1 second to 3.5 seconds, which is actually misleading since the Codecanyon’s server is in the USA, whereas your demo server is in Poland; I got the results 4.5 and 6 seconds from my Firefox browser on my computer in the Czech Republic and it, give or take, corresponds to the +50% increase in webpage load size).

This is unfortunately a serious issue, especially considering that the generated code is easily readable (and stealable – it’s no use that it hides comments as you mentioned in reply to someone else, since the comments are not necessary to set up stolen scripts) using the element inspector so there’s absolutely no justification for such a huge performance dip caused by much bigger generated file sizes. Not mentioning that this fact renders your script entirely unusable for high-traffic websites since it would mean a need for more powerful server and heftier monthly fee paid to run it. Please fix it, this really puts me off :(

is it possible i can make a modification on the wp plugin to keep the header,php not encoded and rest of them encoded

Do you have demo online?

Works GREAT! thank you!