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for Bugs

This don't work! I want my money back !


Author response

Hello, Please send me more details.

for Bugs

In common this plugin is really good, but it affected on some other functions on my sites.

for Code Quality

It does not work in new Wordpress Version and Support does not respond on any Question about this Product.

for Feature Availability

This does exactly what it is made to. Thank you! Very helpful!

for Customer Support

I have reached out to this author many times, in the support, via codecanyon, even on his facebook accoun AND NO REPLY!!! It's been a week.. AND NO REPLY!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK. NO SUPPORT.

for Code Quality

by LW - United States 5 years ago

by NM - United States 5 years ago

by MV - Netherlands 5 years ago

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