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this plugin is not good for google sitemap xml if you encode javascript the sitemap will not work

this is a screenshot of my sitemap.xml

I send you now 2 Emails about not working your Code ! But you ignore me. Your Code does not work, so 2 Ways – help your Customers or refund the Money. I will now not wait again 2 Weeks and so i will contact Envato Support to help you work with your Customers, thanks

I’d like to use this plugin in PHP7.1, but is it possible? Do you plan to make them correspond?

I just purchased the item. I tried it in my current wordpress site and in a new wordpress installation, it doesn’t work on any. Can you offer me help or issue a refund? Thanks!

Demo not work

Hi Mathew. Is it possible to disable the super useful plugin on a single page? I like it in use for the site. But the delicate code on one page is breaking when I have this plugin working.

Thanks :)

Sad this plugin no more update :(

I am interested in buying this plugin, But before buying, i want to check the demo. If you can share the URL that would be great because the current demo link is not working.

Wordpress 3.5 hahahahahahaaha is have v4.9 омайга…. хахаххахаа

Doesnt work. DOnt buy it!

i have try this not work :s

The plugin desconfigure my them in option html and I can´t finalize salling in woocommerce with this plugin. Intend fix this problem?

Hello, I dont have received any message from You. Can You please provide more details? Thank You.

I fix the conflit.

Hi, I have installed and activate plugin there. In PHP 5.6 its working perfectly but when I upgrade my php from php 5.6 to php 7.2 its not decode source code. I tried all there. every singe line I checked. It is not working after $this->content there.

In progress :)

Thank you. It is critical for other users also . Waiting.

There is not response from this Author

There is not response from this Author

What the diference betwen HTML obfuscation and JavaScript encoding and when I use one and another?

Hello, HTML obfuscation replaces characters to unreadable format. JS encoding converts code into unreadable javascript function.

hello dears, I’m using php 7.3 for my wordpress. is it compatible ?


I’ll use php 5.6 in my wordpress. is there any demo to try the plugin? or is there any refund if it didnt work? or can I give you my website credentials and you try it for me if it works without any conflict I’ll purchase.

waiting for your reply, many thanks

Hello, Item will not work with PHP 7 as described so refund in this case is not possible.

hello dear

I said I’ll Use php 5.6

may you please try it for my website then I’ll purchase?

or is there any demo?


I just bought this plugin and see no changes in my site code. Can you help? If not, I would like my money back. I am using PHP 7.3 and WordPress 5.2

Hi. I wanted to know if this plugin can encrypt all my WordPress web pages and if it is compatible with php 7

Hi, I need help, syntax error. I am using php 7.3 and latest wordpress version