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no limit players? 15,000.00 play by soundcloud

Hey there,

Not sure where did you get that from but here’s what Soundcloud says:

“We reserve the right, at our discretion, to impose restrictions and limitations on the number and frequency of calls made by your app to the SoundCloud® API. You must not attempt to circumvent any restrictions or limitations that we impose.”

Have a good one!

Hi. the last search words that appear in home page, dose not support Unicode languages. so characters appear unreadable.. any idea to fix it plz?

Salut. Se pare ca multe link-uri apar de forma “http://numesite.ro/search.php?q=%26amp%3Bamp%3Bamp%3Bamp%3Bamp%3Bamp%3Bamp%3Bamp%3Bamp%3Bamp%3Bamp%3Bamp%3Bamp%3Bamp%3Bamp%3Bamp%3Bamp%3Bamp%3Bamp%3B%23039%3BINNA+-Yalla%28Official

'INNA – Yalla (Official

Prima pagina a site-ului arata asa:
big. time. rush 'INNA – Yalla (Official Audio) INNA – Yalla (Official Audio) Usher'A=0 INNA – Yalla David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj and Afrojack – Hey Mama'" Usher&am Usher'A=0 Years & Years – Take Shelter alvaro soler – el mismo sol' The Avener & Kadebostany – Castle In The Snow Sandra N & Adrian Sina – Ma Dor Ochii, Ma Dor Usher'A=0 felix jaehn – ain&am bug mafia 5000 de zile alvaro soler – el mismo sol' Years & Years – Take Shelter 'INNA – Yal Sandra N & Adrian Sina – Ma Dor Ochii, Ma Dor David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj and Afrojack – Hey Mama'" Sandra N & Adrian Sina – Ma Dor Ochii, Ma Dor Usher'A=0 2 Usher'A=0 'INNA – Yalla (Official Audio) Usher&#0 Faydee – Lullaby The Avener & Kadebostany – Castle In The Snow Emma- occhi profondi zedd beautiful now

Is there a way to randomize the songs under Discover category section

Hey there!

Well, not really sure, would you like just some random songs to be shown there? If there are other people that wants this, I might add in the next versions. Otherwise, I can find you someone to do that for you for a couple of bucks.

Have a good one!

i just bought your script, and show an error : Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/webuzto/public_html/discover.php on line 159 , please help

Hey there,

Can you please email me via the form from my codecanyon profile, providing me FTP access to your server so I can take a look in one or two days.

Have a great one!

Why not looking for songs in Russian?

There is possibility of your script downloading music like this site: http://downloadpalcomp3.com/

Bro this xlm on script eror,.. how can i fix it? http://www.downloadmp3lagu.org/sitemap.xml

Interesting script. If I purchase would you set it up for me like demo?

I don’t know how to do all that ftp stuff and admin etc..

Also, can you add ads in different places? That’s the only way to monetize.

Hey there,

Yup, I can help you with the install, altough you shouldn’t be afraid of that, I wrote a step by step tutorial on how to do that :D

Anyway, just send me a PM after you buy it, providing me cPanel access ( or FTP & MySQL) and we’ll help you.

About the ads, yes, the script comes with a basic panel where you can set up 2 ad spaces (bottom and top of the site), so you can integrate your ads on the way. More customizable ads can be created with basic HTML/PHP knowledge.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hello I really like your design, but im looking for something to use on my movie site search engine for my pages only and then embed the video from an eternal service to my site (Which i guess can replace the soundcloud embed). What do you think? Also can i check the admin panel?

i want a refund for the script as your script is not adsense friendly, i have purchased it by mistake, due to which my server and domain both got suspended. please help and provide me refund. this script has lots of issues which cannot be discussed here..

Hey there,

First of all, refunds are not offered via item comments. Please read the Refunds Policy and then submit a request.

Now secondly, sorry, but even if you submit it, based on your story, I find it hard to believe that you purchased it by mystake, download & installed it which then got your hosting and domain?! suspended. And allover, there are some google adsense policies issues.

Have a good one!

Hello do you have any plan to make new theme with more ads slots etc.Thanks

Hey there, and sorry for the delay,

I have to admin we haven’t focused on this item that much lately. You could add more ad spaces or customize your theme with some basic knowledge or some relatively small costs.

Have a good one!

how many problem i tell you, your script has a ton of mistakes: some of them i am telling you again: http://mp3unique.com/ check this website 1) There is no facility of stopping or deleting any type of abuse or unwanted keywords, entered by users through search.

2) There is no facility you have provided to stop the special characters from being entering b users through search .

3) Only any user can found 2% correct songs while searching on your script.

4) There is also issue related to title , keywords and description. 5) Most important and very big that YOUR SCRIPT IS NOT MOBILE RESPONSIVE. 6) There is no keyword character limitation in search box, user can enter keywords as long as they want.

7) Your script generates a very heavy error log which if you want i can send you.

8) Script has issue of duplicate title and keyword description which which is the main reason why Google HAS REMOVED MY WEBSITE.

9) search engine crawling problem existing.


Due to your script i have also faced a heavy financial loss due to which i want a full refund for this.

Hey again,

Note This is my last comment. I’ve provided you enough information via my previous replies via item comments and refund section.

Note* I would have rather refund your money if you provided me no info. Trying to make up fictional issues won’t help you man…

And let the fun begin:

1) This feature doesn’t exist, the description doesn’t advertise it so. 2) Yeah, because it’s UTF8, in order to support all languages. This is a feature, not an issue. 3) That 2% is so made up. The results are Soundcloud based, so there isn’t much I can do about this. This is advertised and mentioned in the item description. 4) No issues as far as I am concerned. 5) False, the script is responsive and the embed player is HTML5 so you can even play it in the background on iOS. 6) Yeah, haven’t really thought about that, nobody complained about it. I see you’ve done some modifications, you could have limited in 10 seconds. 7) Mine looks good. 8,9) I have demonstrated you that my domain didn’t got suspended, using the same script. I can not tell why that happen, but my guess is you did some nasty SEO.

Please help us both and send your message directly to envato staff so they can decide if you earn the refund.

Have a great one!

hello, do you have any plan to change or make new theme or look like “MP3 Finder Script” ? Thanks

Hey there,

Not familiar that script. Got some features that we want to add but this project is not that high on our list. Will keep you updated.

Have a great one!

great thanks


Can’t you please help me.? All of my content do not show up in url,. Please check out the domain is msmusiccafe.com

Hey there,

Can you send me an email via my profile, preferably sending me FTP details so we can have a look?

Have a good one!

any new update coming up?

this is pre sales question, is this script used soundcloud APi ? how to get the soundcloud API right now ?

please help

i install script but i can not be understand that how to upload songs.

my site name techbookpro.in

Hey there,

Unfortunately, you can not upload songs since they are fetched from Soundcloud.

Everthing from soundcloud gets ‘crawled’ by the SoundCloud script.

sir how to upload file

Hey there,

Unfortunately, you can not upload songs since they are fetched from Soundcloud.