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Interesting concept which I The only thing is your database. Does it only search the database or does it search some other site. If it only searches the database how is it update?

Yep :) !

Thanks got it now so I will buy now.

Thank you too!Don’t forget to rate it if you like it,or tell me if you have problems installing/configurating/administrating it or if you have any other suggestions :) .

seems to be just a soundcloud api.

Comments kind of doesnt make sense, becuae you must be logged into soundcloud to leave comments, which kind of misses the point.

Good luck with sales tho, not sure why it is useful, havent seen a link with a download yet.

Het there,

That’s exactly what it is.Why useful?Maybe because you can generate tons of free,relevant conent?The comment section is standalone,wich means that it has nothing to do with the soundcloud comment system.The point is,again,to generate more content.Related to the download link,the uploader chooses if he wants the download link to be available.

< on iPad perhaps I am missing something. Will test in office later

superb :) do u have any plans to change the layout :) in updates ?

Thank you,well,I don`t know,if more people ask for it,I will.This is just a simple and generic design,designed to work for everyone,but it`s built on bootstrap,wich means that you can change the layout(colors/forms/loaders etc) pretty easy.

Hello, nice script here! I was wondering when you say users can comment with user id, do you mean they have to log into this script to comment or they have to log into SoundCloud systems. Please clarify, thanks.


Nope,the comment section is standalone,it has nothing to to with soundclouds comment system.

Hi, nice script! but All download links are errors.


This is most likely an error related to the webhost.I will take a look as soon as I get to the computer.


Yes,that’s a good idea that i might implement in the next update.

Thanks :)


I am thinking of using this script for a wordpress. Can you tell me if its possible to implement?


Hey there,

There is no “official way of doing that,but I think you can do it if you have wordpress knowledge and some php & html skills.

i like it but before anything is there a way you can interact with other users . like comment and share with other users tag a song.


I tought about grabbing the comments from soundcloud,display them on the script,and when posting a comment to a embed song from your site,the script posts a comment like:”$user posted a comment to this song on,click here to see it”.But you would need also a soundcloud account to post the comments,and I am also little afraid that soundcloud may consider those comments spam.What do you think?

this could happen but i dont think so, so i think that the comment box should be in house comment system not with soundcloud. the fact is not everyone likes soundcloud. plus it would be more interesting if i can tag a song on a friend or comment with out soundcloud

Amazing Script!

How do I display an entire page of random results?

Instead of taking me to a page for the sound, i need the actual url of the soundcloud track so i can embed it in my custom player (html class)

I could use a small customization, and have sent you an email! thanks again!

Hey there,

Glad that you like it!Im not sure I understood what you want,but if you want a page only with random results,I could write one based on songs.php with a modified sql query,to display only random results.If you want the original soundcloud url I will have,again to modify a little the script.Please leave me an email with more details and I will try to help you :)

Sent that email over. Thanks again! :)

Is there any way to make a playlist out of the favorite songs? Also how diffcult is it to change the colors. I would like to use a Red instead of the Orange. Additionally can we make a featured list of our promoted listings.

Hey, Im not so sure about the playlist module,I think that additional code is necessary.Maybe Ill include it myself if more users wants that.About the colors,you`ll have to change few css lines.

Can I import the database to Wordpress posts?

Here are some ideas for the next update:

- Include in the Admin script a color customization because changing the entire website color is a pain in the ass.

- Make the url more friendly with the song name in it

- Be able to add each link of the database to a Sitemap.

- Have the song image as a thumbnail when the song is shared.

Thanks! Awesome script!

Hey there,

Awsome ideas you have there :) I will try to add them as soon as I can .Thank you again for suggestions .

Is this bootstrap? If so can more API’s be connected at the same time?

Yep,the script design is based on bootstrap.About the API keys,you can not add more than one,but soundclouds terms says that there are no limits and no defined number of API keys that you can use,altough they can restrict your access if your requests are abussive.

Hello man! Here I leave you a humble idea: this plugin could be the base to make a simple music charter. That is, let the users create top ten charts from an internal search from theirs wordpress and create a nice presentation of this chart for their users. There a very few (almost to none) music charts plugin. This is weird, because “top ten xx” is one of the most searches music lovers (must say everybody?) do from while to while. I don’t know if my idea is well explained here… If you want, I’ll draw you some sketches. Best regards.

SoundSeeker is a great idea but can you include more APIs, maybe search on SoundCloud, Spotify… (and youtube) ?

I am not getting search results in latest update.. anyone facing same issue?

Hey there,

Can you provide me the link for your site,and admin access so I can take a look?

Have a great day!


I still have not updated it to the new version that you have added here. However, one thing very anoying that I have noticed is that when someone is sharing the music from the site that is hosted, for example I am sharing the song/music from my site on social media network instead of pulling the URL from where its playing its point out to sound cloud.

Is this some kind of restriction from sound cloud. If not can this thing be fixed. Because I am sharing this on my site so that I get some backlinks and people come to my site and not go to sound cloud. Hope this make sense.

Eg: here is a tweet:

Armin Van Buuren – I Don’t Own You (WHITE RING pikachu remix) by WHITE RING via #soundcloud

The same song can be found if I put the URL:

And can the URL’s be SEO friendly?

Hey there,

If a user press the share button inside de soundcloud player, yes, he is going to share the soundcloud link, but if he press the share button from the bottom of the page – next to the comment section, he is going to share the your sites link.

Have a great day!

Thanks for the reply. Can the URLs be SEO friendly. Instead of : can this be like of the song

Hey again,

I have tought about that, and I will implement it in the following update, wich comes in a few days I hope.

Have a great day!

Seen some unrecognizable characters like “Mitar miriÄ?”, why?

Ps. it shows on codecanyon but unrecognizable on the search script.

Hey there, and thank you for letting me know, I will take a futher look and I will try to fix it in the following update (wich will be posted in a few days hopefully).

I’ve waited for 5 days, try to act fast… now my database is around 300+MB and it keeps growing, can’t i limit the latest queries and song to 10 (database)?


for some reason when i try to click on the next buttons (numbers at the bottom of the search result) the links points back to top:


Also – how can i change the URI structure from this: to this: Dope-Jazz-Funk-45 Breaks ‘Saturday Basement Mix 2012’


Hey there,

If you allready clicked on “Back on Top”,the browser adds #top to the url,wich means that every other action will be “targeted” to the top of the page.Anyway, I will look for a solution so this won`t happen. About the urls, stay tunned, it will be included in the next update (wich will be posted in a few days hopefully).

Have a great day!

even if i remove the #top from the URL the pagenation is still not leading to the next pages..

regarding the URLS’ that great news!

will it be possible to add an automatic google xml sitemap generation module for the script?