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yougapi supports this item


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Thanks :)

You are welcome!

You are the first buyer, congratulations !

Is there an affiliate program for soundcloud? If so can our affiliate id be used on the buy links presented through your solution?


There is not to my knowledge. Usually there is no buy link presented, did you see any? If there is any it can only be through the soundcloud embed player that’s managed by SoundCloud anyways.

Could have a buy link presented in the popup box, just under the player for ex, using your own affiliate, but that solution would need to be done as a customization and based on your own affiliate program ;)

Great app, Great support A++

Hi guy ! I just want connect this plugin with my playlist in Soundcloud. How i can do that ? Thanks

Thanks for supports. Can you show me the demo of it. Just make sure about that before i buy it. Thanks

Sorry I don’t have any demo. I will create that after your purchase, since it’s an interesting additional feature

I think you should make it, because everyone want to see the demo first. If it’s an intersting i will buy it.

Can I have this pull just one specific artist? or will the keyword possibly pull others? I just one artist. Also is this smartphone/tablet friendly? Responsive?

Currently it’s not supporting by artists, but by search keywords. It’s mostly responsive yes, you can test the demo from a tablet and see it for yourself :)

Thank you for the quick response. So if I do keyword is artist full name. Then it should just pull that artist correct?

No guarantees on it, but most of the time yes, especially if the artist is popular and have a lot of songs. As you can see in the demo for ex, I used “celine dion” and only that artist songs are displayed.


great plugin. i am having a small issue where by the the resulting tracks are not playing??

Can you advise on what may be going wrong?



Thanks for your purchase ! Please contact me through my profile page with a link, admin access and temporary FTP access and will check the issue and fix it for you, thanks !

hi is compatible with new version wordpress 4.0 ?

Yes sure it is !

would like to integrate this into buddypress whatsnew text area, so a user can submit a track to the activity stream

Not sure the plugin is supporting that, since it’s mostly to integrate existing soundcloud songs into WP, and not to submit activities for ex

hello, I have the same problem as ninety83 The results are showing, but when you clic the image is not showing and impossible to launch the stream. I send you right now the access from profile.

Will get back to your by email shortly

still waiting…

great plugin. i am having a small issue where by the the resulting tracks are not playing?? send ya my Acces Details allready

Should get back to you coming hours by email, thanks for your patience !

Demo doesn’t seem to be returning results properly, does this plugin still work? Is it updated?

Just tried it and working fine ! Try with this direct link without the iframe:

Hi thanks! Is there a way to display the search results in playable soundcloud previews instead of just avatars?

Yes but would need some customization

I purchased the plugin and does not work, also the pdf file instructions does not open. How to do?

Hi, please reach me through my profile page and will send you the PDF doc by email

is this plugin still active? wrote to the author, no response… can this plug look at one username only?

Yes still working. Only one username not supported currently