Mp3 Local + Soundcloud Music Player with Equalizers and Admob integration.

Mp3 Local + Soundcloud Music Player with Equalizers and Admob integration.

The Player provides a user interface like never before and includes a number of great features such as mentioned below (but are not limited to):-


Choose whether you want to Enable | Disable the In-App purchases or the Online music Option Now with ease.

New Splash Screen Animation with cool Affects.

H.D equalizers with bass and 3.D surround sound effect || Extraordinary visualizer:

Listen to your music with state of The art android media player audio effects along side setting your favorite equalizer settings and choosing from a number of wide presets.

Stunning and eye catching visualizations are provided for mainly two purposes. i) To enhance The listening experience with a unique variety of colors and splashes . ii) To provide a unique DNA for each song you listen which will be described in detail below.

Unique song DNA are stored in The form of visual elements and are generated with The songs input tunes and The effects you attach The music player. Every song will result in a different visualization given The different effects and tunes. By The end of which you can save, share and keep as a memory in The Music DNA folder that will be saved at The end of every song after you click The Save button below.

Favorites and Playlists || Recent Tailoring:

Add your local and online songs in a playlist and favorite Them out so you can easily access Them without The hassle of searching Them again. Playlists and favorite feature is a user friendly GUI provided for people to keep track of Their most heard songs and continue listening to Them periodically.

The App automatically tailors your favorite songs by adding The most listened songs into The recent field so that even if you just forgot what you listened to, it will be still easy to get it back by checking The recent’s bar.

Album & Artists:

Sort According to your favorite local or sound cloud Albums or artists and save them as playlist or on queue.

Saved DNA

Save the unique music DNA picture and share it with friends and family showing what a cool artist the song seemed to become.

Sleep Timer:

Choose The time you want to set The App to sleep and wake up according to you needs and hearing timings.

Wifi only Mode:

The Music Player App gives you The power to control The player to stop streaming while your on mobile data and vice versa. Just turn on The Wifi only settings in The settings menu and you safe to go. This feature is specifically provided for those who don’t want to accidentally waste Mobile data or don’t want The streaming to take place on The cost of The phones default mobile data.

Different Skin Colors:

Choose from over 1000+ Skin colors and tones settings according to you desire and set Them as The color. Just remember when you set white The OK and cancel button would seem to disappear but remember They are There. They only seem to be invisible cause The background is white (Default) and The color you just choose is also white so if you have problem regarding that just press The OK button where it is cause it’s still There.

Queue :

Add your musics to be played one by one or on a bunch by adding all The music to queue. You will be provided a button with a plus sign as you may choose to add all The musics or any particular one to a queue. The options are available in – Favorites, Local and Streaming music folders as well as individual Files.

Other Cool Features:

Super fast streaming and uninterrupted buffering with S.O.A features and functionalities provided by The android media player.

Material Design with super fast U.I navigation and a clean coding.

Notifications with headset control functionalities.

Cache clearance on time based interval to improve storage and app performance.

Less system consuming resources with no sacrifice in performance of The Tamil Music Application.

Local song playing support along side Online streaming.

With Admob integration.

Download Demo Music player app

New Dark | Light Theme Switch Added

Choose between a Dark or light theme.

What’s new in version 1.0.4:

  • Project size compressed for easier download
  • New Video documentations
  • Cool Animated Splash Screen
  • Updated to API 27+
  • Added In App purchases option (Optional | Can be enabled or disabled)
  • Added Switch For Dark | Light Theme
  • Library Updates to the latest versions
  • Added Option to change to Online | Offline Music Only Player
  • Major Enhancements and performance Improvements.

What’s new in version 1.0.3:

  • Updated to API 26
  • Major Fixes in Performance Improvements and Bugs
  • Tweaked API search category
  • Notification Channel Added to support API 26+
  • Admob Strings for easy changes in admob ID
  • Code changes for easy inclusion into bigger projects.