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Do you have a plan to make it WP Version?

Well, yes, currently I am working on creating its Joomla and wordpress versions

Hi perfectpoint, I’m looking for waveform player like SoundCloud. I also need to have a function to add track into playlist. I think Sound Manager2 is good but it is not waveform. Do you have something like that or do you plan to make something like that? Please let me know. Thank you.

Hi, thanks for your message/ Regarding the waveform, I did consider having a nice waveform for this player, but the problem is that having such a functionality will not be much friendly with various browsers. There are couple of waveform plugins that can be added to any music player but firstly they are too heavy for such a player and secondly they are not available for any browser. However, I am looking to add the waveform as soon as I find an optimal solution.

Hi, this script needs an API key? The search number is limited to 15.000 daily? Thanks.

Hello. An API key is already installed on application to make the job easier for you, but if you want to use the full rate limit, then I would suggest you to get your own App id and install it on the application. A step by step tutorial for this purpose comes with the application.

Regarding the rate limit, it is currently 15,000 requests which is assigned by SoundCloud officially and there is no control over it. However it is due to increase soon, and also, for popular web pages using different API keys could solve the problem.

Hello, sir. Please make an online demo. I could not purchase this without examining it.

Thanks for your comment. There is a video that shows the functionality of the plugin. The file that you will receive will be exactly the same.

please can i play all music in sound clound without load it one after the other. also can i play from a folder without loading one after the other.

HI, I am not sure what you mean by loading one after the other. Do you mean buffering tracks? Can you explain it more please?

hi sorry im a bit of a novis but i would like to know how to place this on my website and use it, ect. is there some tutorial vids or something i cam watch

Thank you for your purchase. Currently there is no video. But the step by step tutorial in the manual helps you to place it on any website. Also it is so simple, so doesnt need any coding skills to fix it.

However, if any part of it is unclear for you, just contact me through the email form, and I will help you to set it up. :)

Hi, looks great! Is it possible to have multiple tracks in the one player? Ability to shuffle them or randomize them each time the player loads?

Hi, This is a single track player. So it does not have a playlist to shuffle tracks. you can look at my other products that come with playlists.

Does this player support the ability to jump to points within the track? We are using the default Sound Cloud embed player and they screwed it up recently with an orange bar forcing mobile users to go to their site to play it. We need one that is responsive that we can allow users to jump to specified points in the track like the default player. Thanks!

Thank you for your purchase. Yes the player contains a seekbar that you can jump to a specific part of the track, it works just like any other seek bar where you can play different parts of the track. I am sure it is possible with SoundCliud native player as well.

However, I am publishing a new SoundCloud player that has similar feature with a different design. It will be out in less than a week, so you might like to see that as well.

Hey so I bought this soundcloud jQuery Music Player. It looks awesome btw, great job! Only thing is, I cant quite get it to work on my Weebly website. Any chance you can walk me through adding the code to my site? Or maybe sharing a video that may show me how?

Hi. Thank you for your purchase. I am not sure what the issue is. Could you please email me the live link so I can check it directly and let you know any suggestion to fix it? Please use the contact form in my profile to send me the link.

Nice work.Glws

Will this work on Tumblr?

Hi. If on Tumblr you can post HTML and JS (header tag for example) then yes it will work. :)


I want to know if possible to use this plugin with Wordpress and to be able to accomplish something like this:


We got this from the website https://brandy-jingles.com/en/

Please let me know and specially would appreciate any documentation to embed this in Wordpress. Our Website will be in Wordpress.

Hi, this item is not a WordPress plugin but since it is a HTML5 plugin, you can set it up manually it on any website including WordPress. For what the link you provided, you need to make some sort of customisation to create such platform. You can email me directly so I can provide you more information about it. :)

Hello, are there updated instructions to work this in 2017? I’m having issues, the only thing I see is the link in the file

Hi, Thanks for your purchase. Probably it is not installed correctly. Thats why it doesn’t show up correctly. Otherwise there’s no update required to make it working.

You can email me a link to the webpage so I can have a look and check the errors. https://codecanyon.net/user/danialsabagh#contact

I re-downloaded the links, still nothing even on the demo; I even changed the client ID…nothing

The plugin is updated now. Download the new version. It’s completely new.;)