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awesome plugin :)

Thx Cary :)

I like the idea. Any plans to make it fluid?

Hi awareness, thx for liking idea, i think i already make it fluid and responsive. did you not check it properly.

I don’t know. I had the social share icons overlap parts at certain break points.

i have check this to many themes for overlapping, i dont think so its overlaping. can you let me know where you are checking this plugin so i can check there.thx

I really like the this plug in.. question. It support mp3 or wav files. or is only from soundcloud

right now its only for soundcloud but mp3 and other media files are also a good option to include it, will be add support for mp3 files soon.thx

I will wait till the mp3 version come out.. thanks..

i will try to add this option soon.thx

Great, position changes according to the most voted? I like manage that and not change automatic.

you can manage it from admin settings. it can be manage automatic according to the most vote or according to the date adding.

I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time!!! Keep it up

thank you fede87uy, but i dont get it you buy my plugin :)

Hey man interested in purchasing this plugin. Just wondering, can I add songs to be voted in the chart from multiple artists or is only possible for 1 artist?

Hey introspectdigital, Yes its possible to add multiple artists songs for voted.In one playlist or chart you can add multiple artists songs.

Hi, i really like the idea of your Plugin. I really like the Chartsystem and the thumbs up and down buttons or the design of the player!

But there are some Problems which makes the great Plugin useless!

1. You have to insert text to every field (Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Songurl, Title, Description) It takes to long and i dont want to search for every authorsfbpage or twitterpage! If you put a soundcloudauthorlink in it it shows also the soundcloudplayer on wordpress! Its definitly a Problem!

2. I am missing the Possibility to Share the Track or like it on soundcloud. That would be much better than linking to an authors or Djspage….

3. I want to put a Track on a single Page and Post and not always upload a track…putting it in a playlist and than post the playlist on a singlepost….thats too much work and it makes the plugin useless for me!

Your Plugin has so much Potential and it is exactly what i am looking for….but there are a few things missing! I would be so happy if you fix it :D:D::DD and i think a lot of people will buy your Plugin

Hi, thanks for showing interest to modify the plugin. i will look into these customization soon or you can get your customized copy which only works for you.thx

Hi, interested in purchasing this great looking plugin but I have some concerns: Your live preview link http://plugins.innovativeroots.com/bmc/?page_id=5 looks and works great. But if you click on other header links, the display has overlapping icons in the center of players which makes it look awfull. Do you see the same display faults? (tested with Chrome and Firefox). Kind regards

hi cwlocal, thanks for telling me the issue with the plugin, i just fixed and upload a 1.1 version, once its approved i will notify you so you can buy it.thx

Is this only for wordpress or can it be used on any website and is it possable to not use the soundcloud part of it. I am just looking for a music chart script.

this is only for wordpress and populate music from sound cloud. thank you!


could you other providers like bandcamp mixcloud etc.? not all musicians do have their tracks on soundcloud.

At your live preview I´m wondering, that I can´t see the current playing position at the wave form. Is this bug solved?

Is there an automatic sorting on vote?


hi yoursql719, this plugin is only for sound cloud. you can sort it from admin panel while selecting sorting option. current playing position on wave form is already working may be that time there were some internet issue.

thank you for using our services.

Hello. My name is fernando. I write from Spain to congratulate you on your plugin “Soundcloud Music Charts With 2 Custom Skin” and to make a request before deciding whether to buy.

I saw that the song list is created based on songs uploaded to Soundcloud, is it necessary to raise them there or you can have your own server ?, I say this because there are problems with Soundcloud copyright right?

I have no knowledge of programming and very little of Wordpress and you wonder why. I have another doubt: can be implemented in any kind of template or not ?.

Nothing more. A greeting.


Hi Ferban, Thank you for you nice comment.

This plugin only support soundcloud server. if you want your own server then it could be a customized according to your requirements. you can contact us for customizing the plugin according to your need.

New template is very easy to create although this can be integrated into any theme or template.

Thank you so much again for your nice comment.

Thank you very much for your reply. I’ll look and I’ll think, imagine a customization will be very expensive.

Thanks for your attention

not too much for you because you are a good person. anyway take your decision. thank you again for your nice comments.

Hi Can i add the ability to buy or download tracks on the playlist, because am building a website for an artist, so we need that option enables, is it possible?

Am sorry I did not include an important question, I want to embed the plugin as a script to display on a textbox, the way you embed a youtube player, or soundcloud itself and resize it, will it work? Or its a full width,full page plugin?Do you support customization if I encounter any difficulty?

support for any issue or bugs not for customization.

Hi I was wondering you could me a referral to customize the template to look like the Bilboard chart ?

We dont know right now any template but we can provide you customized template according to your requirement,

hi i sent an email in details of what I was requesting. In need of an urgent response and solution.

ok thank you

I’ve ordered over 108 products on Envato – and this will be my first requested refund. The styling does overlap as stated above many times. The fields are required to be listed in the back end. While it does play and stream properly I found many issues that had to be cleaned up and still am not satisfied. I almost feel like learning soundcloud api based on post title would be easier atm. And I know nothing about soundcloud.. (ridiculous)

if you like our support then can you please leave a positive review to support this plugin.

Thank you for using our plugin.

wait now. I get this. There was an error while inserting values, please try again later.

please email your admin details in email so we can look into issue

I would like to buy this plugin but I see a couple of important issues in the demo. Seven months ago, Awareness pointed out the social icons overlapping and you replied that you don’t see it. Well, here it is… https://www.dropbox.com/s/vpa80f814yyk2iu/code-canyon-soundcloud-music-charts-social-buttons-overlap-nov16-2015.jpg?dl=0

The other issue is that there is no moving indicator in the sound graph, meaning the vertical bar that shows what part of the track is currently playing.

I’m guessing this could be a very popular plugin if not for these two issues. People read comments before buying stuff, and when they see these issues going unaddressed, they move on.

what’s browser you are using and which version of browser to check it because its mostly worked fine on many browsers.

When displayed on the webiste on a basic chart it says no image artwork however there is artwork on the soudcloud page, how do I have it pull that artwork?

can you please email at support@innovativeroots.com with your purchase code and issue.

hi! i love to buy this plugin , but for mp3

right now mp3 file feature is not available but i will convert it into soundcloud and mp3 files so it can be work as mp3 and soundcloud charts. you can buy it i will convert it for you. buy it and email me i will do it.

cool i wait for the new version, i want to have the music only in my site , but i love the pluging :)

Brilliant idea and a great social media type file as I can see people voting and keeping an eye on the chart. The only thing for me is there is no indicator to tell where you are on the track when you forward it on…..

does soundcloud allowed it?

yes…I mean a scrubber bar….most other audio files have it…

i will work on it asap

Is it possible to create charts by using tags with this script? Or is it based on genre?

Hi TRDP, you can only add songs by soundcloud url and then it could be used as chart.

How can i put to side widget

Can you make option stand alone system with out soundcloud and side widget

Hi Lokmana, This plugins comes with shortcode, you can display it anywhere you want. i.e in pages or sidebar widget.thx