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Looks good! Although in your example 7, the audio doesn’t mention all the letters in the image captcha.

Hey man, thanks for your notification. That was 1 line bug, and now its fixed and works perfectly.

Thank you very much

There is one Bugg, If the captcha contains same letters, it will stop talking when it finds the first one..!!! Please changeit.. other wise its fine :)

After few days (when I finish my exams) I will release new security and bug update and everyone that have purchased this item please PM me to get the update if won’t able to re-download this product.

Thanks everyone for purchasing it :)

hi there.

will this be available in different languages, too?


I’m sorry to say this but the audio pronunciation is available only on English and I don’t know if you can combine it with other languages.


Pretty nice! There are plenty of easy configurable examples, and an easy-to-understand script, and actually it is pretty nice that there isn’t any configuration file (often called config) for languages, or other, just pretty simple.

Just upload all the files to your server, and just edit small things inside the script, then it’s ready.

It’s amazing good to use for downloads of hidden mirror files.

Why is this for sale (pre-free).. it was free previously by the developer :S

It is also now!

I like this idea, it would be great for blind users – would it be possible to re-record the pronounciation so that it is read as phonetics? alpha, beta charlie etc?

Hmm, I am sorry but I don’t clearly understand what are you trying to say. Can you give me an example of this pronunciation?

Hi mate! Thanks for your reply.

What I mean is, instead of ‘saying the letters as a,f,h, etc, but to have it say phonetics so, as, Alpha – for letter A, Bravo for letter b etc etc

Well, the complexity of this script is not that high to support this, is only pronounciates letters one by one as a playlist.

Thanks for interesting about SoundCaptcha.

Hello, nice product. The only thing that prevents me from buying is that if you want to listen to the captcha again and click play, it only plays the last character and not everything from the start. It only starts again from the first letter if you click the link. Besides that, great product :)

Thank you very much, I really appropriate your compliments and suggestions.

I’ll try later to do some improvements on SoundCaptcha, even removing this bug.


Here’s my implementation code:
if(isset($_POST['captcha_code']) && $captcha->captchaMatch( $_POST['captcha_code'])){
            $captcha_correct = "correct";

        echo $captcha->generateHTML("captcha_code", false);

Error: Notice: Undefined property: CaptchaGenerator::$bgp

If I get by that, I still can’t get the image to load: The image “,255,255&cl=6&bp=1” cannot be displayed because it contains errors.

The audio loads fine.

As you can see this is not an error, but it is a Notice, so to avoid showing this unimportant notification at the header of php file (after

tags) set this line and everything should work properly:

I hope it works for you :) thanks for the purchase

Hi Arl1nd

Any update for :

” if you want to listen to the captcha again and click play, it only plays the last character and not everything from the start. It only starts again from the first letter if you click the link.” originally reported by MWCD

Hi nik2009

I totally left this behind and I am sorry. I will consult to a friend (flash designer) if he could do it, and I’ll post new update next week, then I’ll let you know when you can get it

Hi Arl1nd

Many thanks (FYI – I already bought your script and anxiously awaiting fix )

Best Regards nik2009

Hi Arl1nd

Any update ?

Best Regards nik2009

Hi Arl1nd

Please don’t forget us . Any update for this fix as yet ?

Many thanks nik2009

I am sorry nik2009 for delay. As soon as I see that friend I’ll write you a message, this time quicker I hope.

Hi arl1nd

Many thanks again

Hi Nik,

I have fixed the problem so you can now download the fixed version from here (until it gets approved from codecanyon staff)

Just replace player.swf inside the folder player/

Have a nice weekend

Hi arl1nd

Thanks soooooooooooooo very much!

Best Regards nik2009

You are welcome anytime buddy :)

Hi, I uploaded everything for testing and it works … at least the audio and the verification, but the actual captcha image doesn’t show :(

Any idea why it is not showing?

Thanks for your help.


Bought your sound captcha and cant get it working in my own contact form nor in your example – admit I dont know javascript – emailed via your profile and you said you’d help. have sent you access details via your profile




Hi looks very cool, one question is possible i change the audio? like say the letters and numbers in my language? thank you.

Hi fredericofrg,

Yes it is possible to generate your audio material and replace the existing one on the folder: audio/

The files are named from 01 .. 36 which means (you can also test them)

from 01-10 are the numbers from 10-36 are the alphabet phonetics of alphabet

I hope its is clear for you.


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