Discussion on Ringtones&Soundboard with Share|Set as Tone|Favorite

Discussion on Ringtones&Soundboard with Share|Set as Tone|Favorite

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your code not support Android latest Version please resolve it

I will update the app shortly. Thanks for your feedback.

What time do you need to do that

Hi! There are categories to send sounds or only three like The demo? And the sound can have 1min?

You can add more categories. The code infrastructure of the application is suitable for this. For this you need to have knowledge of java.

You can add sounds longer than one minute. However, the main purpose of this project is to play the shorter sounds. If you are going to use longer sounds, you can take a look at my project.

Is This App updated to Api 30 Or not? Waiting For your reply..

I think I will update soon.

Bom dia, amigo eu tenho um projeto a ser colocando no ar, esse seu se adequar a algumas coisas, eu tenho os audio em categorias, mais são muitos .mp3, eles teriam que ficar no servidor, quero saber se seu projeto se adequá usando um json? tendo as mesmas funcionalidades.

All audio files are kept in the raw folder. If you want to store them in json file, you have to do additional coding.

don’t you prepare this? I pay out

Yes I can do. Please contact by Mail.

please update to play-services-ads:20.3.0 .. AdmobAds class doesn’t work with new update .

It will be updated shortly.

where is update? why so late?

3 ringtone applications were removed from the play store because of this problem:

If you are sure that your application has not been attacked by malicious people, you need to change the ad placement.

can I contact you by email please

hi, contact to here

do not set ringtone in android 11 can you solve this problem

Admin panel to manage content?

Hi, There is no admin panel. You add sounds from the project file. There is a detailed document for this.

But admin panel help us to upload and update sounds directly from web. This way we can avoid android play store frequent app update for adding new sound.

In android 10 the application cannot be shared or placed in a ringtone or notification, how can I solve it?

This problem exists only on android 10. The project will be updated soon. If you want to do it yourself, follow the instructions below.

1.Open the manifest file. 2. Add this code between the application tags.


See the link for more information.

saludo, cuales son los formatos de audio admitidos por la app, tengo varias app con muchos ringtones me gustaria saber para que no me quede demaciado pesada gracias

The application supports sounds in mp3 format.

hello, I saw that you said it is soundboard no stop, but it would be good when pressed again each button to toggle sound on / off -. is it even possible?

The application was designed as a soundboard. Ideal for playing short sounds. The play / pause feature is not essential for short voices. I don’t think of adding play / pause feature to the app any time soon. But it is possible to add. If you have long sounds, it is useful to take a look at this application.

I didnt ask you to do it for free. i asked if it is possible. i will contact you to inform me if you want to do this customization for an extra fee. I have shorter sound – files than your demo, but i like the toggle on/pause capability. If you are willing to do it for a fee,ok.

Please contact me via mail

If i dont want to use Firebase in this project? how to do that and make the app run successfully?

Make int KEY_DEFAULT_EXIT = 99999; ”

doesn’t work..

ok it works when i make it 999999;

Bu uygulama ile oluşturulan APK google play store’a yüklenebilir mi kendi developer hesabımızdan?

Sorun yaşatabilir.

Bununla ilgili hangi tür seslerin kullanılabileceği ile ilgili bir yönerge var mı? Film müzikleri ve sesleri yazıyor bu uygulamanın tanıtım metninde. Bir yerde yayınlanmış herhangi seslerin (müzikten bahsetmiyorum, sadece konuşma veya ses efekti) kullanımı ile ilgili bilgiye nasıl ve nereden ulaşabilirim?

Admob ve google play politikalarına bakabilirsiniz. Direkt olarak buna yönelik bir politika yok. Genel olarak müzik paylaşmadığınız sürece problem yaşamazsınız. Telif sorunlarında hak sahibi telif bildiriminde bulunana kadar uygulama yayından kaldırılmaz.

hello, i use audience network fb not admob ,i want add it ?


button pause is not working ,when you click it ringtone start again !?

The application was designed as a soundboard. Not designed as mp3 player. No sound stop.

Can the sound be played in the background?

Hi, no cant.

Hello, Is this app is 64 bit compatible? will work well with lates Android OS? Do we need any server/admin for this? How many sounds can we add in each category? Can I use Android Studio 3.5 for this code?

Please answer soon so that I can make my decision.

1.Yes 2.Yes 3.No, complte offline. no need server/admin. 4.3 category, if you have java programing skill, you can add many category. 5.Yes

Hello! Can i do this offline?

Hi, it is already offline.

Hello, can i add Search button in application? it`s needed for me?

Hi, i sent you mail.

how can i add featur by 10$ to the app before I buy it ?

Whats included? Also the Android Studio Files? And is there a interface like firebase?

Includes Android studio project and reskin document.


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