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Is this for eclipse ?

Yes eclipse based.

App is crashing. right after opening app Nexus 4.

i am talking about demo apk

Let me check. What is OS version ?

new .apk:https://www.dropbox.com/s/1k2hfq58ac9yt2q/sound%20board.apk?dl=0

cool app 1. is possible add custom image for any mp3

Yes possible.

in next update to buy or custom develop sir

Good app. Thanks for sharing

Demo App crash, not load. App stopped, S5 Lollipop 5.0

new .apk:https://www.dropbox.com/s/1k2hfq58ac9yt2q/sound%20board.apk?dl=0

ok, thanks, now is funny

Funny ? What is so funny ?

Hello, is it possible to remove the dots? like boy_if_u_d…

Yes possible..

Good product. Best of luck for the sales

One certainly sounds can only be set as notification ?? you can not assign as phone tune too ??

Yes i can add that function to set a phone tune..!!

Android Studio or Eclipse?

Is there a time limit on the mp3 files. Are they downloadable or are they listen only? I need to have the user hear the sound but not want them to download the files.

Hi, App is with admin panel so do not have any limit to add more audio files. Yes files are not downloading at anywhere. You can only listen the sounds. You can buy. Thanks,

Hi is this using soundpool or mediaplayer? thank you.

mediaplayer it is using. Thanks.

It does not work with eclipse, run error

i have emailed you.

Hi , I want to buy the application , but I have questions . You can dismiss the dialog box that appears after clicking on each sound? You can not admin panel to add sounds in the application (with the creation of just putting audio files in the project ) ?

can you please PM me ? On passiontocode@gmail.com ?

Hello, is it possible make the sounds files in the local not in the host?

Files are on server. Thanks,

You can import the code to Android Studio?

I do not control Eclipse

Thank you

can I play it offline? I need to customize with better UI contact me via email mygoldvest@gmail.com give me a quote

The app wouldn’t start, I emailed you and I’m waiting an answer

did it working now ?

I think is a great app, but I need an app with different categorys, to organice the sounds. For example, a category for voice sounds, other for nature sounds, other for animals sounds. Do you have an app like this?

whats is your mail id ?

hi thanks for this app can you add shuffle for music ? if the file X finish , the file Y start automatic ?

Yes i can, Contact me on passiontocode@gmail.com